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Party Girl Pigout - Delayed Posted 1 year ago
Due to technical reasons, Party Girl Pigout has been delayed. It is now scheduled for release on the 8th of September.
Snacking on Suburbia - Now Available Posted 1 year ago
Snacking on Suburbia can now be purchased from e-junkie. Unfortunately thanks to some form of glitch I don't have a working store.

However you can purchase either versions of the comic from the links below.

Standard version can be found here: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?&c ... &i=1590194

Or the Alt Gas version found here: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?&c ... &i=1590197

The alt gas version differs from the original as it contains the...
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An important question about my upcoming comics Posted 1 year ago
Okay, so the release of my first two comics is fast approaching, one much sooner than the other.

Snacking on Suburbia should be out within the week while Party Girl Pigout is still scheduled for the 1st of September.
That said here is a small poll, who is actually interested in purchasing these comics?
Important Update Posted 1 year ago
Unfortunately, an unforeseeable family emergency has arisen over the past 24 hours. As such production of all commissions, trades and prizes will have to be put on hold momentarily for the next 48hrs. However I have managed to complete one commission which I will be sending to the commissioner today.
Although it pains me to say this... Posted 1 year ago
I have decided to start selling comics. I am aware that there will be some of you that despise this decision, believing that my art should be free for all and not stuck behind a paywall. I too once thought like this but the reality is that the models and the hardware I use to make my art is costly. I did not make this decision lightly and have been deliberating with myself about it over the last six months but in the end I do believe that this is what's best for me and my art. Now I am well aware that there is a certain point of view in the community that artists should work for free and all of their art should be free to view. I do not and never have subscribed to this view but have always thought myself apart from those that make genuine art, for example those that use a tablet.
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New Contest - Name the Inspiration (Bigger Prizes) *Updated* Posted 1 year ago
So at last I have finished off all the prizes for the naming contest. Anyone who received a prize is welcome to upload it to their gallery.

Now on to other things, I mentioned that were actually going to be two contests. So here it is.
For the most part, the characters I have created were not inspired by anything or anyone in particular, they were simply created. However the six 'gods' from my Fractured Realm series are all based on at least two characters from different anime's. This inspiration could be their appearance (including outfit), their overall behaviour, their name or even their distinctive personality traits.

This contest will be different to the last as you're not naming the character, you're trying to guess the characters that inspired them....
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Winners of the first contest Posted 2 years ago
So the results are in, there were definitely a lot more names submitted this time. Not only that it was incredibly hard to choose between two of them.

So instead being the kind and generous fetish artist that I am, I have decided to merge the two best names together to create the Ocean Dragon's new name;

Merging the names Aquazanus (submitted by nn4463) and Palagia (submitted by Krowley via PM)

This of course means we have two winners;
Krowley and

Both of them win a 4K single image request.

Everyone else who participated receives a 720p single image request. PM's about this will be sent out shortly.

If you didn't win don't feel too bad because the Second Contest will be...
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Contest Time - Name that Character Posted 2 years ago
Okay, as I proclaimed, here is the first contest. Like before all entries will receive a 720p single image request and the winner gets a single 4K request.
However there are some changes.

1. Unlike last time the character is not Human, she may look human but is actually something more in line with a God, so any names should be impressive.
2. The name should fall in line with the other 'Gods' from her world and also be something related to the ocean, refer to her in this story https://aryion.com/g4/view/456487
3. You can enter as many names as you want but you only get 1 image, either the wining prize or the entry prize.

That's it, the contest will last two weeks.
Two new competitions incoming Posted 2 years ago
I'm sure some of my watchers will remember when I made that competition to name an OC, who later became Eva. I know some people missed out on that, which is why I'll be doing it again. There won't be the whole design the character from the ground up as I've already done that but like last time those that enter get a single 720p request and the one that wins get's a single 4k request.

I will be starting this competition on the 4th of May.

However that's not all, I'm not sure how many people are aware of this but I am an incredible fan of anime, having loved the medium for nearly 20 years. Although it's strange that none of my OC's take inspiration from anime. Until now that is. There will be a second competition next week, this will involve trying to guess the...
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Changes to commissions Posted 2 years ago
I've decided to change things up with my commissions.

Firstly I might now take commissions that involve TV characters, however this will be on a case by case basis, depending on how complex the character design is.

Secondly I might take on commissions involving characters as young as 16, but this will also be on a case by case basis depending on the situation.

Third and most important I will now do comics, involving separate panels, SFX and speech bubbles.

Commissions are still open.