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Opening 5 Trade Slots - Be quick Posted 1 year ago
Okay, I have some free time over the next week so if anyone wants a trade with me I am opening 5 slots. *Edit* I should point out that any trades will be at most three image sequences. Don't expect comics or even animations.

Standard rules apply
What I WILL do;
Vore (oral, cock, anal)
Same Size
Weight Gain
Female Predators
Hyper Female (includes muscle, futa, breasts)
Female Prey
Male Prey
Female Demi-Human (Lamia's/Naga's, Centaurs, Mermaids, Demons, Angels, Vampires, Orcs, Harpies)

What I will NOT do;
Male Predators
Male giants
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Currently working on 3 animations - which should come out first? Posted 2 years ago
At the present moment I'm working on three animations.

1. Ariana's Enormous Appetite
Estimated playtime 3:00, 720p video

Presently it is about halfway complete however the shots for it take a very long time to complete, the basic premise is Ariana decides to stop at a city for breakfast and happily shows off her incredible gluttony.

2. Stephanie Snacks
Estimated playtime 2:00, 720p video

At the moment I have only just started on the animation process but the shots are less time consuming than the Ariana animation. This animation involves a large strongfat lady relaxing by a pool while hungrily gulping down 5 1ft tall women.

3. Flight of Feast
Estimated playtime 4:30, 720p video
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Things to look forward to in November Posted 2 years ago
Okay, so October wasn't my most active month, at least in regard to what I posted. Behind the scenes I've been working on several things.

1st I'm finishing off my last two commissions, should hopefully have that done within the week

2nd is a 15 page free comic, I've already completed 6 of the pages but I'm not sure if I should post them now or wait until I've completed the whole thing. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see them now or wait for the comic to be complete. The comic revolves around two sisters who are dropped off with their hungry predator Aunt. Unfortunately for them, she loves eating girls and very fortunately for her, she can reform girls after eating them.

3rd Ariana's video is progressing well, though I've had to redo...
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Upcoming comics and a few small changes Posted 2 years ago
For those that are interested in what to expect from me in the future, here is a list of comics that I am currently working on. Now, it was evidently apparent to me that both Snacking on Suburbia and Party Girl Pigout were successes, however the sheer amount of work that went into making them left me nearly burnt out. As such all future comics will be capped at 20 pages max, however the quality of the images will be higher. While my comics will continue to remain cheap, I will stress that both of my first two comics will be the cheapest, all future releases will be priced slightly higher.

That said here is a list of the comics I'm currently working on, in no particular release schedule.

The Treasure of Voracia (20 Pages - Price TBD)
A group of...
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Starting new projects but closing down commissions Posted 2 years ago
For those interested, I'll be starting work on several large projects. Unfortunately this means that I'll have to stop taking commissions for now.

If you want one then PM me by the 16th of September, Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 10:00)
Party Girl Pigout Now Available Posted 2 years ago
Gere is a quick synopsis:
Rhianna is what some might call a bit of a glutton. As Mayor she has made certain that anyone who becomes a nuisance in her city is properly dealt with. Though as a predator that's always through her digestive system. So naturally when she comes home tired and hungry she's going to really want to stuff herself. Thankfully her daughter's home from college and invited over plenty of girls for an all out sex party. Perfect for a Futanari looking to really Pigout.

For those that don't have a computer or are having issues downloading the original there is now a smaller more mobile friendly version also on sale.

What's actually inside:

Futanari Pred
Female Prey (Lots of them)
Sexual Acts
Same Size Vore
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Party Girl Pigout - Delayed Posted 2 years ago
Due to technical reasons, Party Girl Pigout has been delayed. It is now scheduled for release on the 8th of September.
Snacking on Suburbia - Now Available Posted 2 years ago
Snacking on Suburbia can now be purchased from e-junkie. Unfortunately thanks to some form of glitch I don't have a working store.

However you can purchase either versions of the comic from the links below.

Standard version can be found here: ... &i=1590194

Or the Alt Gas version found here: ... &i=1590197

The alt gas version differs from the original as it contains the...
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An important question about my upcoming comics Posted 2 years ago
Okay, so the release of my first two comics is fast approaching, one much sooner than the other.

Snacking on Suburbia should be out within the week while Party Girl Pigout is still scheduled for the 1st of September.
That said here is a small poll, who is actually interested in purchasing these comics?
Important Update Posted 2 years ago
Unfortunately, an unforeseeable family emergency has arisen over the past 24 hours. As such production of all commissions, trades and prizes will have to be put on hold momentarily for the next 48hrs. However I have managed to complete one commission which I will be sending to the commissioner today.