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For those that are curious - My first VoreFan comic is out Posted 2 years ago
My first comic from Vorefan just dropped,

Appetite for Survival, if you like my work you might want to check it out.
Upcoming Projects Posted 2 years ago
Here is a rough list of all the projects I am currently working on.

Ariana's First Growth - 15% complete - minigts, growth, weight gain, bbw

A Friendly Little Gorge - 20% complete - vore, giantess, ssbbw pred, multiple preds, multiple prey

Regina: Stuffed Full of Sinners (Featuring Thewickedking's OC Regina - 15% complete - vore, multiple prey, bbw pred

On patrol with the BRS - 0% complete - Featuring members of the BRS eating behemoths, multplie preds, multiple prey, giantess

Working on something with mrsinister1990

Story about St Engorginana - completed.
Story about the Behemoth Response Squad
My new latest revealed - Eva Posted 2 years ago
So at last my newest predator is complete.

Eva is a young Caucasian Vore Runway Model with long red hair, blue eyes and a very gluttonous personality. Her diet consists of both men and women and she will happily eat anyone she can, be them stranger or friend. She keeps her weight the same no matter how many people she devours.

Well Done to jackinthebox43 for submitting the winning name, a pm concerning the 4K request has already been sent out.

For everyone else that participated in providing a name will have already received a PM concerning their single image request.
Help design my next predator - Update, Problem with Poll Posted 2 years ago
Due to something going wrong, I could no longer view the results of the poll correctly, as such I have no choice but to recreate it, if you have already voted, don't worry your result has been saved but this does give you a chance to vote again if you feel like voting differently.
There is also an extra choice added to this poll that I forgot to add to the last poll.

All comments including names from my last blog entry are still valid and will count toward obtaining the request.

Please select one of each of the different categories, in case the poll goes haywire again please write them in the comments below:

First personality, what kind of predator is she
Seductive/Sultry - Luring prey into her stomach with her looks
[ Continued ... ]
Help design my next predator - Personality, Diet and Occupation Posted 2 years ago
Okay, so the results are in, and what we have is a normal sized Caucasian with long red hair and blue eyes and does not possess a futa cock. But at the moment she is just an empty doll, no personality and no life, let's change that.

Please select one of each of the different categories:

First personality, what kind of predator is she
Seductive/Sultry - Luring prey into her stomach with her looks
Bubbly/flirtatious - likes a good time and is generally cheerful, prefers willing prey
Domineering/Overbearing - bullies her prey into becoming food through her actions and words
Gluttonous - thinks with her stomach not her mind, will happily devour everyone in her path

Next is her diet, what will she be devouring on a daily basis
[ Continued ... ]
Help design my next predator by majority vote Posted 2 years ago
For a fun little distraction I've decided to base the design of my next predator on what people think works best. :-D
Above is a poll where you can select what type of
Hair colour and length
Works best for a predator.

After 2 weeks I'll create the model of the character, and from there the fun of designing her personality begins.

Also one last little thing, leave a comment if she should be a Futa or not.

EDIT: 2 weeks seems too long, dropping it down to 1 week.
10 Years on Eka's with something special Posted 2 years ago
It's been a decade since I first joined and what have I got to show in all that time, not much but to celebrate I decided to upload something special.

Here is the biggest and longest vore related project I've ever undertaken.

Time to set up the scenes - 30 hours
Time to render the scenes - 125 hours
Time to modify the SFX - 4 hours
Time to put the whole thing together - 1 hour

Total time - 160 hours

Final result - 50 seconds of Vore animation that I couldn't be happier with.

Watch it here ...
[ Continued ... ]
Now uploading things to the Gallery Posted 2 years ago
Today is the first time I actually uploaded anything into the gallery, I have been here nearly a decade, 23rd will be my 10 year anniversary of joining, and never did it before.

I've uploaded plenty of things to my thread in the work to be shared forums

And over on my DeviantArt account

Just never here.
Seems strange.