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The nature of the soul Posted 2 months ago
They say busy hands leave a quiet mind, but as of late, my work has only had me thinking. The hum of my respirator like a timepiece as my hands move, guiding fire and flame to shape metal and in that give it meaning. It starts flat, a sheet of metal that is but a blank canvas of grey that seems to yearn for the thermal torch so that it might find a purpose that is more than being a flat lump of slightly scratched steel. The heat of the torch touching the metal with a crackle, the whoosh of air and then the spatter of dross almost like a scream of release as the metal is reforged into something greater, and in that glow of a cherry hue for a moment I think is seeing the spark of creation. I must confess its blinding, radiation rolling off it in a bright haze of colors that lingers for a...
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Another day in the commonwealth Posted 4 months ago
So today was a big one, I started a new career path, and have begun induction for said role, which will leave this coming week frantic and filled with trials and tribulations as I am kitted out in enough PPE to salvage a space hulk. Its always a bit of a rush, meeting new people, hearing metal sing, and for a moment seeing the spark of creation in cycling over as a thousand hands build something that is but a flash of humanity's will, that forever would be a dream if not for the graft of labour's sweat it is made real. It is humbling, but as I said to the induction team, "I am just happy to be here," and like with everything I aim to work hard and try my best.

I can hear the concerns now, " doom you majestic wordsmith, is this going to affect your story...
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winners of the raffle Posted 9 months ago
well as promised I span the numbers and would like to congratulate the two winners of my little raffle.


i would like to thank everyone who expressed interest, but the nature of dice rolls meant only 2 could win.

so would Deska and captamis be dears and pop us a DM/PM and we can get the ball rolling on their short stories. if i don't hear from you by next Sunday i will have to hunt you down ;)
And its rolling Posted 10 months ago
so going to keep this brief, Eka's is back, I have quite a bit to re-upload.
8 stories
7 images

the game plan is as follows, over the next few days upload the listed content.

on Friday restart my commissions and roll the dice to see who won the raffle.

in short glad to see the site is back, and i have been quite busy ;)
current game plan and watcher raffle Posted 10 months ago
aight here I am outlaying my current game plan.

1. the magnum opus is still on track, but the nature of it has morphed. (stay tuned for more details)

2. after completing my next commission i am going to take a pause during the Eka downtime due to the server change to work on a few of my own projects. so far the planned storys are as follows.

emma the doe anthro story, female prey, nice digestion.

something special for minahyena this is a surprise (non pony)

mlp feral pred story, with my normal levels of digestion and disposal

human female vore story x2 (not yet decided which ones as its a list in my back log) so expect surprises.

the next chapter of the Forgotten one series, this is something i have...
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the Magnum Opus Posted 11 months ago
the Magnum opus, what does that mean to you, the pinnacle of ones work, years of honing a craft to write something that will be looked back on as your finest work. this is something that has been squatting in my mind for the last few days as I worked over a commission. what do I want to do as my magnum opus, my chef-d’œuvre, I already know the answer, but I do not know if I am capable of doing it. I have over the last few years before I was even posting on ekas planning the snake vore story to end all snake vore stories.

bondage, willing to unwilling, educational, slow digestion, full real biology, cruel feeder, voyeurism, everything to make it the doozy of my club armed typing career. I have a stack of 10 sheets of paper here from my stack highlighting the plot, projected...
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been debating the universe. Posted 1 year ago
so I have had one of those days, you know the ones, where you lie in bed looking at the ceiling trying to find a reason to get up. well you know in symbolism, its more the fact I cannot sleep and my mind is racing, which has fueled this little post.

I have a major job interview on Thursday, something to give me purpose again. its been 5 months, 5 long months, you go to the job center, the largest hive of misery I have ever experienced and as normal they say they don't have anything for me. it makes you feel worthless, none of this bollocks I am going to slit my wrists kind of depression, if I was going to soft shell out like that I would have killed myself after my accident. no its more of that helplessness, the insignificance of the individual, the folly of man. I am not a...
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Doing Housekeeping Posted 1 year ago
hi all, I am just writing this to let you all know I am going to be doing some housekeeping with my gallery. my intentions are to go over every one of my stories that I have written, giving them a spellcheck and grammar check, so that they are more readable. I have done a few already today, and intend to do the rest in several sessions over the coming weeks, the reason I am doing this is a lot of my earlier work clearly shows I had never written something like this before, and know with a bit more knowledge under my belt I can make them easier to read.