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Lustful Lent artpack now free Posted 2 weeks ago
as promised the Lustful Lent artpack is now publicly available. We only ask that you do not repost the content within on sites like derpy until the original artist posts the art to their gallery, for example i plan to lemon the crazy water piece. With that out of the way have a gander at the link below, and i hope you enjoy ;)
New-years Vorgy Art pack Now Free :) Posted 4 months ago
The New-years Vorgy Art pack is now free, so if your interested in it please have a gander at the link below :)

Please refrain from reposting the images/ animations in this pack on derpi and other image sharing sites until the creator responsible for them adds them to their respective galleries. For example, for the Crazy Water images, a lemon is in the works for it, and Septia is posting their story on Friday. Either way i hope you guys enjoy ;)
Rebirth Posted 6 months ago
Have you ever felt nerves regrow?

It's a weird sensation, a numbness, a light tickling tingle like stepping onto the porch on a summer night and being greeted by a gentle breeze. It is a feeling I am all too aware of, as the nerves in my right arm like to dance, growing and shrinking like gentle waves lapping against a serene shore as even years later my body knows something is wrong and tries to fix its self. It's sad really, the task Sisyphean from its inception, as some things are broken too much for even the tenacity of biology to fix, but yet it tries leaving me with a familiar flubby feeling when I awaken as of late. It's odd really, an echo cascading from my fingertips with an irritating pain, just a slither of what I once felt, like a rude reminder that I am still...
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Switching from subscribestar to Patreon. Posted 8 months ago
Hi guys Just a little update but I am switching my support site from Subscribestar to patreon. I understand that Patreon has a habit of nuking creators, but my bank doesn't like Subscribestar and because of its lack of paypal support I am forced to make the move as any funds generated there are stuck in an inaccessible limbo for the foreseeable future. I again apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused, But i hope you understand the situation, and I hope to maintain the continued support. I still have 3 lemon reward slots left if that is of interest to people, either way my patreon can be found here:

>>> <<<

Also just in case you missed it the Halloween pack is now free, so if you have not yet seen...
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Halloween pack is now free Posted 8 months ago
For those interested the Halloween pack is now free, follow the link below for details:

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The forest of talking trees Posted 10 months ago
For the people who know me, they know I have no fear of death, to me, it's a been there done that sort of situation. its a sharp end, a blackness without escape where the sparks of a dying mind mull the folly of meaningless in one last fumble as it embraces oblivion. The prospect invariably scary, but to me it is just a normal part of life, the only thing odd about it is how we react to it. my outlook on the situation might be a little tilted though, as I am not going to live past 50 and at any point, my liver might just pack in and I will be dead in two weeks. In the shadow of the situation, it would be easy to embrace nihilism, as it is just the organic expression of the hardness of the universe, as the mind settles on the meaningless of everything like dust in the wind.

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Subscribestar Approved Posted 1 year ago
Fuck yes, my subscribe star has now been approved, so if you want to support me the link is now viable, sorry for the confusion, but it seems they individually verify that you are not super sketchy. Thankfully my equine-related deviance seems par for the course and they have let me in XD

If you feel so inclined to support me, I appreciate it immensely, and the link to the subscribe star can be found here:

The plan remains the same as previously said, I will put up a straw poll this weekend and let you guys vote on a few juicy projects I have brewing ;)
Opened a Subscribestar. Posted 1 year ago
So I bit the bullet and opened a subscribe star, which can be found here: .

The plan for it is pretty simple, as I will use it for voting to help direct my demented thoughts, as I have dozens of ideas and only enough funds to do a fraction of them, so this will help give a vector for what I am making. I am not going to shill though, and don't expect this to create some cancerous paywall, as I loathe that shit with a passion. Nah I will still post publically, its just if you want a more direct line of communication and the ability to vote on the weird shit I am up to. I will also throw in some WIP as they happen as a little exclusive bonus for supporters, but end images will always be public.

The first poll will be up this...
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Been considering setting up a Subscribestar Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone, just a little thought but I have been considering setting up a subscribe star. The issue I am seeing is I do not really know what to offer as rewards based on the sole fact my work is mostly just lemoning the large number of images I get on a myriad of fetishes with a few safe ones thrown in between, meaning my work is quite all over the place in terms of content. I would like to hear your guys thoughts on the matter, as I am not the sort to put up a paywall so it would be more along the lines of, if you enjoy my scrawlings of a mad man, and you want to show some support, with perhaps opportunities to be slotted into some of my smaller lemons like the silent e things or mass vore projects I get up to periodically.
The current game plan Posted 1 year ago
With the pandemic starting to ease I would like to share my current game plan if anyone is interested.

Firstly I have paid off the next part on savage seas, so for those wondering what was going on with that, the artist has returned and I have the funds to commission it completely, so updates for that will hopefully come shortly. I am excited to see it progress as there are multiple paleo predators laid out that I am sure will tickle fancies people didn't even know that they had :)

Secondly, I am returning to work full time on Monday coming, but do not worry it will not affect current plans, and any of my current collabs are continuing as normal. depending on workload worst-case scenario they will just take a little longer, but I thoroughly enjoy writing so the...
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