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Adios Posted 3 years ago
there comes a time when neither fighting nor biting your tongue are feasible. and at that point there is no other choice but to leave. too many betrayals to deal with them all.
Nightmare Night Posted 4 years ago
Happy National Pre-Diabetes day, everyone! (Well, in a couple weeks anyway!)

Broke through a writing block, so I'm hoping something will be coming out soon! ^_^

Still working insane hours, but I should have free time to return to at least doing some RPs soon too :)
Red October Posted 4 years ago
House is awesome. Got deer living in my yard.

Work, not so much. Averaging 60 hours a week for the last month, and no sign of things changing soon. :zombie:
veintitrés de mayo Posted 5 years ago
Still plodding along with the writing after a bit of a computer glitch or two.

Going to be buying a house very soon. Which will give me back about 2 hours a day saved from my current commute. Yay.

And it's been about three days. I don't think Devourcraft is coming back this time. RIP.
Slow and steady progress... Posted 5 years ago
Working through a couple more stories; one a sequel to Deedee at the Hostel, and the other a stand-alone one-shot which should be rather silly, featuring my other mage, Kat. May also post a couple RP-based stories soon (although if you're looking for anything from the MC universe, don't hold your breath; that's dead to me.)

Also been playing Erecant's Most Awesome Game a lot lately. It just keeps getting better!

Hit me up on skype if you're interested in RP. If you don't know it, feel free to ask~

Until next time, chow!