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Using the blog more often Posted 1 month ago
Look at the title of this post. That's my plan.

Also, I'm probably going to be able to do one more commission; school's starting soon for me and my time will be taken up quite substantially, so if you're interested you might wanna check out my commission deets soon, I'm an awful person to hire. lol.

Thank you's that have been following my work and stuff over the past year or so. It does mean a lot to me.
I've been thinking Posted 1 month ago
Okay I'm sorry but sometimes I look into people's profiles and check out their favorites and I absolutely do NOT get having a favorites folder that has more than, idk 5 or 6 pages max. Like, I see people with dozens of pages worth of favorites, and I'm like, do you really like this many stories, this much, enough to want to revisit all of them at some point? At a certain point, aren't there just too many favorites? Idk maybe my standards are impossibly high/weirdly specific but I do think it's funny. I'm not saying you're bad if you do this btw, I just don't get it.
Hi Posted 1 month ago
My mental health has taken quite the nosedive over the past few months. It's been a bit of a roller coaster, but even though the highs can be bearable, the lows can be absolutely crushing. I don't know why this happens to me, but I do want to apologize to anybody that's contacted me regarding anything, a collab, a commission. I hope you're well, and I may be able to come back to you at a later date. I probably won't have my work hidden forever, just until I'm in a better place both irl and mentally.
Thank you.