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what would you like to see next Posted 2 years ago

Vote on what you'd like to see next
vore/ venus discord sever Posted 2 years ago

I made a very small core / Venus sever

If you're a fan of my OC Venus and just want a place to chat and talk about vore or just share some art here is the sever link

It's mainly a My little pony vore server but you can upload or share other vore
Updates and changes Posted 2 years ago

So from the poll on DeviantArt I'd like to just take my time doing art instead of pumping it out all the time I'd rather take my time the art looks nice overall instead of rush as I have been noting lately and I think It'd be best for me I, I already to it with commissions.

I'd like to do the same with the art here that being said I will try to be active like maybe talk more on here but I'm mainly on discord at the moment ( don't look for my Discord ID I don't add strangers unless they are commission clients )

I will be trying to mix things up to make it a mix of everything for everyone, not everyone will like that and that is fine we're human it's fine to not like everything

Also, my commissions are still open I need commissions...
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I have a discord I revamped plus annoying user Posted 2 years ago

So as many of you know I do have a discord server but its mainly 18 plus Its easier for me to keep track off when I'm working you can get the sever here if your over 18 but also if you want to see any WIP or my art you have to ask for a role in the request role to get that.
Need of commissions badly Posted 3 years ago
I have like £100 in my bank for august so I need commissions at the moment

Here is my sheet
I also still have Ychs open
The single Image ychs are £25 except for the comic and the animation those stay the prices they are

Sorry about this I really need this
£25 Ych Posted 3 years ago
All these ychs are £25 from today till August 7th
Wanna get through these YCH's Posted 3 years ago
I'd like to get through these YCH's and get new ones out and before I get on with new ideas

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Commission and YCH updates Posted 3 years ago
Commission update here is my new prices

In case people don't want to click it

Flat Shade = £35

Digital Shade = £45

Comics = £20 in flat color
with color upgrades for;

£25 - flat shade
£35 for digital shade

Extra characters are £10

I take dollars and other currency too

I also still have YCH'S ( Your character here ) still open
Commissions still open Posted 3 years ago

I have gained more watchers so I'd like to write about my commissions

I do take other currency like dollars, euros etc

Main listed prices

Flat shade: £25 - $35

Digital shade £35 - $45

Comics are £20 per page $26
you can upgrade the coloring by paying either £25 for flat shade or £35 for digital shade

Extra characters are £10 - $15

I also have ychs as well
I made a expansion cartoon discord sever Posted 3 years ago

I wanted to make a discord sever where people can post or view their art be please be aware that this is an over 18+ sever so no minors please or I will kick out.

the following themes are
female and male
wild takes
body inflation