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These ychs still open Posted 2 years ago
All these ychs are still open
I gave this one two more slots
This one still has two more slots
This one still has two more slots
This one still has two more slots
and I'm willing to change the pokemon as well

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Liquid vore Posted 2 years ago
It ain’t a thing I think
So name will be liquid vore succ
2019 update part 2 Posted 2 years ago
Hi all

Ok so as you know the only art I'm uploading at the moment are commissions, of course, its a job I need to do it, but I am in my final year of Uni so I will be doing more work towards that I am paying for this course.

I have also decided that any art I do upload here will be more based on quality than quantity, I'd rather not rush anything I find I was doing that a lot last year and the year before

Commissions are still open tho but I will be taking my time on them and using Friday to Sunday to make the commissions or Thursday to Friday unless I'm doing a con
2019 update Posted 2 years ago
Art will be slow properly I'm kind of burnt out but my commissions are still open and I will be working on new ychs as well

commission sheet here
Ych's here
Projects: Cancels and redo Posted 3 years ago
Let's talk about something better or at that least better

So I'm gonna cancel my MLP vore series I've fallen out of love with it I'd rather not half-heart it and it turns out bad. I'll only do it now for commissions now.

I was thinking of redoing my MLP inflation/TF series from all of them
but I'll leave that up to a poll

I notice that MLP is dying a little bit I know there is still a season to go but I'm planning on moving on I think, I'm properly gonna be drawing some pokemon that will never end.

I am taking suggestions on what other series I could do if that be cartoon or anime, Make sure when...
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In need of cash Posted 3 years ago

So I’m buying a cage on Monday and three degus
I need help with funding so here are my current ychs
Some have one slots while recent ones have three

Here are my commissions sheets too
All these ychs have one slot left Posted 3 years ago
I would like to end these ychs quickly so they have all been moved to have one slot left
Update Posted 3 years ago
Things to do:

Sell the rest of the ychs

Two commissions

One being a ych

Please don’t ask me to RP

Any changes to YCHs is £5 as I have always said before hand
ych still open Posted 3 years ago

you can get these ychs for £25 now
YCH Still open Posted 3 years ago
I would like to get these ychs sold and done before I return to UNI next week