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Ych still open Posted 3 years ago
These ychs are still open
ideas i had Posted 3 years ago
When I was younger I think I had two ideas for a comic
one is a better-drawn version of Eden inflating jasmine

the other was jasmine and Eden owning a hotel where other characters come to get TF and inflated

would anyone be interested in these ideas
Ych still open Posted 3 years ago
These ychs are still open - 1 slot - 2 slots - 2 slots - 1 slots
Ych still open Posted 3 years ago
This ych is still open as soon as this one closes I can open the next one
Commissions open Posted 3 years ago

I need to get a new laptop so commissions and comic commissions are open again
Vote on what comic Posted 3 years ago
update friendship is vore and jasmine series Posted 4 years ago
So what I have planned so far is I’ll do season 1 of friendship is vore finish that while I plan out jasmine series since there are 3 movies and the Aladdin series but jasmine doesn’t appear in that many episodes so I have planned out.

That in the second movie jasmine should turn into a genie then what ever episodes genie is in I can replace him with jasmine

I am still planning the episodes out so it fits in with the theme

But also doing friendship is vore in the meanwhile so I have content that’s being uploaded

I’ll start season 8 of mlp when it airs or after it airs

I will still be accepting commissions as well if you wish to support me for this I have a ko-fi account so you may donate to help me complete all 7...
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Join my discord via donation Posted 4 years ago
Hello everyone I found a better way of getting support than using Patreon I’m using Ko-Fi which is better for exchanging and you don’t have to pay every month.

It will link my discord sever once you donate and you will have access to streams and etc.
Please don't do this commission clients Posted 4 years ago
I don't like doing point commissions as it is being British and using an American system that changes the currency when you convert it sucks and I guess this can add to the list as well Clients who don't listen to you when you repeat your rules doesn't help either.

I would have done the commissions if they were over 18 characters and simple designs but because none of the characters were that I didn't do it, I wasn't going to make fetish art of teens or children :/

Reminder I don't draw children or mid teens I only do over 18 characters only please respect my wishes.
vore parody list Posted 4 years ago
Season 1

"Dragonshy" – Fluttershy vores dragon

"Look Before You Sleep" applejack and rarity try to eat each other

"Bridle Gossip" – rainbow dash has a tint Applejack in her mouth

Swarm of the Century" pinkie pie eats the paraspirts

"Winter Wrap Up" for messing up the field applejack eats twilight

Call of the Cutie – not sure

"Fall Weather Friends" rainbow dash runs into applejacks ass

"Suited for Success" – rarity eats her friends

Feeling Pinkie Keen" – hydra eats pinkie pie, twilight, and Applejack

"Sonic Rainboom" – rarity vores rainbow dash for more attention

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