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Going Out of Town + Other Stuff Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone! Happy Holidays to those that celebrate! This past season was a wonderful autumn that I can't believe is already coming to a close. I did a lot of hard work, mostly in college, this semester, so I'm happy to get a break.
I most likely won't be uploading anything for about 3 weeks, as I'm visiting my boyfriend Mr.Dirkins (who I was going to tag but I forget if he spells his username with a period or not). I'm going out of state, and while I was originally planning on bringing my laptop, I have absolutely no room in my carry-on @[email protected] I can't even bring my sketchbook. I'll still be on here occasionally to respond to messages and such though!
When I return, I'm going to be taking a crack at quite a few commissions I have in the queue, so look forward to that!
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Q & A With Sunny Posted 4 months ago
I figured this was a long time coming, and I had been wanting to do it, but always forgot. Finally sat down to do this.

Question: What is your favorite type of pred? I like MPred the most. This may be confusing since I draw FPred way more (and enjoy FPred as well) but it all boils down to the fact that women are way easier for me to draw than men. I know I should be practicing if I struggle with something- but I get lazy too! Humans are also my favorite type of pred. I don’t mind monster and (sapient) fetal though.

Question: What’s your gender? I am a girl. I don’t really care being called a boy either, though. Whatever pronouns you’d want to use, you can use. Whatever are easiest for you.

Question: Do you RP? The short answer is...
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totally super important question surely Posted 7 months ago
not really but they fucking made beetlejuice into an anime girl and im losing my shit
would anyone want to see her as pred (i'd probably make her a bit thicker and rip her clothes up but)
name change Posted 7 months ago
hey ghouligans!
i've changed my username from sweetbunnii (old, sorta lame, doesn't roll of the tongue and doesn't describe me) to hauntz (new, fuckin' SICK, rolls off da fucking tongue and absolutely describes me because i LOVE ghosts)

just a heads up for those who may be confused. alsoooo please feel free to call me hauntz, sunny, or alex, but please don't call me sweet/bunnii!!! thank you!!!
it's me birthday Posted 9 months ago
i'm 20!!! just one more year 'till i can get legally shitfaced! my ideal gift would be railing a founding father, but since that isn't possible yet, i'm really happy with the stuff my friends and family got for me <3 and thank you all for being my friend too! :D i'll return to my commission grind this week, though it is close to finals so i don't have a bunch of time. see you guys soon~
my FA Posted 1 year ago
hey all! i know it's been a while from me. i'm not really on this site too much now (uploading the same art on multiple sites gets pretty tiresome at times); i upload my fetish art mostly on FA now. if you'd like to continue to see my work, feel free to give me a visit/watch on there too! i still do vore as well. thank you!

(chaos-calico on fa)
again, thanks a million for all the support. i may occasionally post on here as well, so look out for that!
thanks for 500 watchers! Posted 1 year ago
woah, i still thought i was somewhere around 200-300, but i was super surprised when i realized i already hit 500. thank you all so very much for supporting me, and i hope i can keep producing content that you all like!
now im back Posted 1 year ago
hey all! so, i know i kinda implied i'd be leaving indefinitely, and i thought i would be too, but i realized that i shouldn't really let drama get in the way of what i love doing. and i love doing vore.
so i won't be really involving myself here socially *too* much, i'll just stick to posting art. i will respond to pm's and such though! just thought i'd drop a heads up. thanks for being so understanding, everyone!
new vore tumblr Posted 1 year ago
Hi all! So, I'm not back to the site for good; however, I have opened a vore tumblr. Feel free to follow me or shoot me a message on there!
Hey, everyone! I have decided to open up summer sales for my commissions; I want to make some extra money to support myself since I'm out of work right now.
I'm going to discount my rates just a bit as well, so now is a good time to place an order! You can also commission me for non vore related pieces as well!


Headshots: 10 USD
Busts: 15 USD
Half Bodies (recommended for vore pieces!): 25 USD
Full Bodies: 40 USD

Additional characters (add these prices on top of your first character):
Headshots: 5 USD
Busts: 8 USD
Half Bodies: 13 USD
Full Bodies: 20 USD

Backgrounds are usually included in the price, but if you want a particularly complex background, I will charge you...
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