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2+ Years And A Break Posted 5 months ago
Probably should've written this back in March-April when it was more accurately 2 years of drawing, but better late than never.

It's been 2 years since I started drawing, and I'm painfully aware I still got tons to learn. Backgrounds, more dynamic poses/angles, figuring out soft shading a bit more, etc. That said, it's been a real fun 2 years with all its ups and downs, with art and in real life. With that said though, I have a bit of a plan to announce (for all five of you that read this); I'm gonna take a break.

Now by break I mostly mean an opportunity to relax. I already draw what I like, but I admit occasionally what some people'd prefer sometimes affects a few details. And while this isn't unique to me, I have that feeling of NEEDING to draw each day and...
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Non-Vore Artwork Posted 10 months ago
Been awhile since a last blogpost huh.

Anyway I've been debating trying to post n' branch out onto other sites for awhile now, even got a PM or two about that actually. For now I only really post to Eka's even though I have a personal pixiv account and someone put some of my stuff onto R34, and much as Twitter is a hilarious cesspool of Reddit talking points, it IS a pretty big artist-posting site (been consider Parler though where I can say what I like even more often).

That said, in the meantime while I debate whether or not to post anywhere else, I've been practicing with various non-vore images, mainly drawing the OCs of friends of mine, both for practice and fun little amusements. Considering Eka's is for sexy forms of cannibalism I figured nobody really...
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Curiosity about Comms Posted 1 year ago
So, on my profile page I've made it clear I'm not really in market to take commissions. BUT, out of all the people that follow me n' comment, I'm curious as the title implies. If I were to ever open commissions, how many people would be interested? I look at the views to faves ratio on my images, and they seem weirdly disproportionate in a way.

So, like I said, I'm curious. I wanna see if it's because people like my style but NOT the substance/subject of what I draw, or it's just my curiosity getting the best of me.
6 Months In Posted 2 years ago
Well, first journal and one I doubt most'll read but, if you do, I appreciate it.

So I'm 6, maybe 7 months into drawing, and it's been kind of a strange experience. It's given me a new hobby and it's one I never thought I'd enjoy, and get frustrated at, as much as I have. Met a few new folks here n' there, finally gotten to draw characters I've had in my head for months if not years, and it's satisfying to finally have a way to do my own things rather than be reliant on someone else's whims, time, and preferences.

Definitely not the best artist, that's for damn sure, but I think for only a half year in I'm confident in my abilities so far. Still, I don't wanna be lazy and I'll continue trying my best to try atleast doing something different with each image....
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