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My Male Fairy OC

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Character Art by SizeFetishWorkshop:
CYOA Link:

So I finally decided to do a CYOA imageset thing that I found over on /r/MacroFetish. This is basically what my real life self is within my own fictional universe, and thus I’m my own OC in said universe. Click the imgur link provided above to understand what these mean:


  • Effeminate

    • Dotable (3)
    • Squishy (3)
    • Balanced Diet (2)
    • Fireproof (2)
      Major Changes:

      • Fairy (14)
        Double Curse:

        • Extra Tiny (0, since I’ll be taking its anti-curse.)
          Place to go:

          • Sharla’s Gaming Center

            • Felae (or Illene)
              Left Over Complexity Points: 6

              I’ve never been treated to the life I’ve wanted. My parents always being manipulative or ignorative of what I desire. Often times pushing me in directions they wanted to be in. I’m also not good with social aspects of the community. So, I’d love a motherly, maybe even smotherly, woman to take care of me, or one who can shower me with love (even if lewd/sexual.) I’ve always wanted to RP as a tiny male fairy myself, as they’re a rare sorts in artwork and role-plays alike. I’m too honest for my own good, and it would be better if someone would take care of me.

              I honestly really want to commission artwork of my male fairy OC, but… I usually don’t have money, since I have to pay bills/etc. But since I want to reference this to artists in the future, I’ll give a brief summary of my male fairy OC:

              Eye Color: Hazel (more green)

              Eye Style: Mostly Tareme.

              Hair Color: Light Brown / Slightly Orange/Red.

              Hair Length: Short

              Hair Style: Very slightly unkempt with a few subtle curls. Kid-like.

              Height: 4 to 4.5 inches. (10.16 to 11.43 centimeters.)

              Body Type: Slender, subtle slight thickness in the legs / tummy.

              Wing Type/Color: Literally this. But without the black spots, and slightly more matte in color (less vivid.) (They’re silky to the touch however, and are easily malleable.)

              Clothes: Simple clothes, usually a long makeshift shirt made by him or someone who used to take care of him.

              Traits: Ageless, easy to bend/etc. (Cannot be crushed easily.) Smells like Lavender. Cannot be set aflame, and cannot be digested. Originally was human.

              Personality: Loving, too honest, shy.

              Likes: Huge bosoms, tall women (even when compared to an average male human), the color purple, hugs, classical / orchestral music.

              Hates: His original human mother and father. Big storms.

              Fetishes: Smothering (Ass, Breast, Lips/Kissing), Being eaten (prefers unbirth and breasts), being trapped by pretty ladies.

              Marital Status: Single.

              Age: Unknown.

              Zodiac Sign: Virgo

              Gemstone: Sapphire

              Name: Ian Sea
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