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New Seeds Posted 13 years ago
I do need to say, that I have went back on what I originally in the last entry. I will be 'conforming to the canon'.

This means, that anything containing the name "Ias I'Ney" or references to him, styles of writing, and those worlds involving him will be removed from any website and only stored on my domain

This will not mean that I will petition to remove related works from such sites as Vor-com, but I will move all works to the domain that I can.

Additions to the above:
The question from some people might be, why? The answer is much deeper.

If I would come in with an outrageous fursona, say a shapeshifter, would...
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Writing, please wait.... Posted 13 years ago
I started work on the next series which is endless until I run out of ideas. Even after, that I may wait until I come up with even more ideas. The next collection of works is a collection of short stories mixed of three different collections I am planning: First being Utopaeri: The Silver Stream and Michi Gimiguchi's Positions on Vore and Gluttony.
Anyways, I welcome any ideas. Please feel free to share.
The Next Story Posted 13 years ago
Stay tuned to
I'm moving around Online Posted 14 years ago
I am going to try moving myself around again, moreso in the way I do things. I will be centralizing my main update path.

All future Blogs/Journals will be of current:

All journalistic posts will be there from now on and I won't post anymore updates to this journal here. I like my corner of someplace to be able to use just for blog writing, as I can write up a blog storm sometimes. I trust Google, mostly because of their policies and stance on net-neutrality. I would suggest anyone at least get an account there even though they don't use it.

Main Channel for Story updates and other artistic pursuits:

This will eventually be all cross-linked...
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I am alive. Posted 14 years ago
I don't get as much snap to attention here as compared to other places. *SIGH* oh well. Now, the best thing I like that EKA has done since I've been here last is for the formatting of the text to display on the website, rather than the download.
So, anyways, thanks to all those who have even given my stories a look-see. You don't know how much I appreciate it. Don't feel shy, leave a comment and speak what you think.
Now, I must be very specific when I say that my stories aren't like pictures and aren't as good as some are out there. My stories are probably too long. This is epic vore and I don't think I've seen much of it out there. I also didn't have vore or stuffing as a main topic when I started writing the stories. I was mainly trying to delve into my own fantasies....
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Repost Posted 15 years ago
I will be reposting my works in a better format. I discovered that the format in text really does look bad when I redownload it. Mainly, because it opens up in Firefox and is non breaking text.
Power over Hiatus Posted 15 years ago
Yes, I don't believe I will touch the Internet, at least for Furaffinity and many of the other places I go. Maybe e-mail. I'm always on when I turn the computer on so technically I can't stay off. I can't keep away from computers because quite simply I have two days left of work at a computer helpdesk.

First blog says I'm not going to be around. Maybe it's original.