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Weekly Update 1/4/2020 Posted 2 years ago
This week I mostly spent a few days back in Arthur, getting used to the sleep schedule for third shift. Then, I noticed the under part of my toilet is leaking so I called the landlord. He came over Monday but thought I had to work so didn't want to deprive me of going to the bathroom so said he wouuld come in early the next day. The next day, well, it was New Years Eve so we were all busy. He said he would do it saturday but called me last night and came and did it. I tried to leave him alone for the most part as I was cooking in the crockpot. Otherwise, I am transitioning into a new years resolution of sorts. I want to trim down my hobbies to things involving: Writing, Reading, Listening well and deeply, Drawing, Looking at art, Cartoons and Comics. This way, I can fit things...
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The universe don't give no damn Posted 2 years ago
Most of the time I sit here thinking of something fancy to say to the people around me. Oftentimes, it comes out as something altogether weird, I must say. Usually I listen to video game music when I am not doing writing. It is then (when I concentrate on my serious things like writing) that I turn off the distractions so that I can concentrate. Seriously, what am I doing here and with my life. Is it here that I want to reach out and touch someone. I am glad that the universe is an absolute. It don't care whether we do this or that. What we have to consider is that the universe has its limits so while it doesn't care, it is not all giving. And what really messes with my mind and maybe yours is that the universe in and of itself does have those limits and all the best intentions of making...
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My Discord Server Posted 2 years ago
Guess everyone is doing it. No but seriously, I'm doing this for better communication with peoples.
This is my rp and do writing and drawing stuff server.
Here is the invite link:
Here is my five minutes of non sensical wisdom Posted 2 years ago
Here is my five minutes non sensical wisdom.

See, if you eat something, it is in your stomach and imagine if you will how you put bulky things in a bag and how the bag feels when you put things in it. That's what vore would be if you could feel it for real.

If you've ever unlikely swallowed anything whole, it feels like something harsh inside of you. I take it people think this is very pleasurable, this discomfort. You know, putting things inside of you whole.

I don't encourage putting things that are dangerous into your stomach.

But I mean, if you're going to inflate your stomach to the size of a balloon, that could look neat, but again be careful about it.

Now, back to the things inside your stomach. I mean, if you...
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Weekly Update 12/28/2019 Posted 2 years ago
I got the dill dip and stuff for the veggie plate and made it and took it in with me for our last 2nd shift bash potluck. Work only lasted so long as we hit and exceeded attainment quickly. Tried to give a co-worker my number but she said she's way older than she looks I guess. I drove mostly all day to my dads in pennsylvania. His cat is rather defensive and territorial and clawed me. He would pursue me even if I would try to escape to claw at me and growl and hiss. I read later on that that's not what I should do with a pursuing cat. I used Dad's treadmill and I overheated it after over ten minutes. Pretty good workout for the time it lasted. 6mph. Still Tucker is not my friend most of the time so had to be put into the basement. It is only when I cross paths with him he gets hissy and...
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12/21/2019 Posted 2 years ago
Aww yeah, I got some monetary help from my dad to drive back to PA. Postal money order. The post office didn't have enough money though. I paid another visit to the country salvage store and then went to the post office but they still didn't have enough money so I made a trip to decatur, and started moving some of my savings to a bank out in arthur. I cooked a lot again this week: steak, chicken, fish, and oatmeal bars. The oatmeal bars are so good I coveted them. I went and worked on the raspberry pi again. I think I have it working for general use. The niche game in RPGmaker I haven't narrowed down yet. I want to make it able to be played in mobile with just button clicks using pictures. I debated why I need RPGmaker. I don't think I'm being realistic in what I'm expecting. Snowing...
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12/14/2019 Posted 2 years ago
I didn't expect my garbage company to take out the three month bill so soon. I expected it toward the end of the month. I lost 20$ that I withdrew that I was going to use out of my entertainment budget. I can't find it for the life of me. Very frustrating. I spend nearly all day sunday making food. I made muffins, cake, and homemade fudge. I need to get better organized with that, though. I started training a new guy in west front stain. I got my raspberry pi setup again and available. I considered to follow my credo that I made before but I am still feeling a draw to do stuff on RPGmaker. We had our yearly hazmat handling at work. I got out earlier because of that. I keep wanting to do things in the RPGmaker but seriously, I am making a niche game that not many would want to play even in...
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12/7/2019 Posted 2 years ago
I got most of the curtains for the house. I couldn't find my sewing kit for the life of me so I played russain roulette with an xacto knife. Then the curtain rod ripped it anyways, I so I put it up with safety pins. I mostly lazed about Sunday. I couldn't get myself very motivated to do anything. I just watched south park episodes. I think I want to exchange hulu for youtube premium. I watch biographies and weird history on youtube, various videos, and music there more than any other place usually. Sure I go to other sources from time to time but always seem to come back and watch youtube. I am generally freaking myself out there when I have so many hobbies and things and very little time to do it. Then, I don't want to do them. Either its discipline or the fact that I need to scrap some...
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11/30/2019 Posted 2 years ago
I finally got my drivers license address changed and my name on there from Scotty to Scott. This is for when I change my banks. Having to drive forty minutes everytime to go to the bank doesn't seem very economical to me. I plan to do that when my checkbook runs out. I visited one of the local grocery stores. Its awesome. I didn't get it but they had 64oz of peanut butter for 3.99. I find that I'm having less and less personal time to do cooking. The new guy I'm training as my replacement for front stain reminds me of why I am not a substitute teacher. I don't like teaching. I'd rather do. It stresses me out more than it doesn't. Ruth said the washer and dryer was done. She brought it over on a very windy day. I gave her the first payment for it. Then I went and got hookups. I had to go...
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11/23/2019 Posted 2 years ago
I've been doing some winterizing at the house. The bedroom has the coldest windows so I've put caulking around them. From what AJ says, I shouldn't expect the landlord to spend the ten bucks to do this. I sold the twin bed frame and mattress to clear out the utility room for when I get a washer and dryer. Then lo and behold I was talking about this and Ruth doesn't need an extra washer and dryer she has so will sell them to me and move them in while I pay her so that I may use them. She sent the washer and dryer to be tuned up at a local appliance place and to install a screen for the hoses in the washer. I ended up putting weather stripping on the front door but it made the door very difficult to close so I removed it. It already has a weather stip anyways but I'm not sure of the age....
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