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Weekly Update 9/8/2019 Posted 3 years ago
Let's see. This week was a shorter work week because I had a four day weekend. I didn't get paid for tuesday but got paid for Labor day. I played video games for those two days.

I figure to put writing, drawing, games, and such hobbies on the back burner again. Just today I read an article from CNBC that talked about things some self made millionaires said they did to get where they were. One of the suggestions is a high paying job such as in sales, marketing, and copywriting. I will be looking into copywriting as it looks like a better bridge with an english degree and a dual major.

I missed my friend's mothers funeral. I thought a text read 12 noon when it really read 10am. I got up early and got some dress clothes from salvation army and showed up. They were...
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Weekly Update 9/4/2019 Posted 3 years ago
This past week was pretty hectic and put me off of my normal time for writing my weekly update. I was visiting a friend's mother in the hospital. She was in there because of complications related to cancer. She did not survive the hospital trip I'm sorry to say. It did remind me a lot of my mother's own passing to cancer so I can give a lot of sympathy to my friends and friend's family.

I cleaned up some things online but outside of that I mostly hung out with friends. I have been considering the philosophies on the side but had to scale back reading those. Instead, I mostly went back to old games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 and playing those using an evil character. It is pretty hard to play those characters as evil. I'd say with anything it is difficult to play evil as...
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Weekly Update 8/24/2019 Posted 3 years ago
I am still reading about the various philosophies. I had a regular week. It was ended a little on a lower note albeit mostly for me worrying about moving closer to work. I did finally see the fact that the wear and tear on the car might be much less than I thought as far as miles put on it. I still need to calculate what miles I am putting on it. I was worried about the pros and cons of living closer and paying a bit more rent but putting less miles on the car and staying further away and paying less rent but putting more miles on the car. I also have a gripe with not having a full eight hours of sleep but that's mostly a gripe. It is a harder decision to make because the pros and cons are pretty close.

I have this monday off so more time to read up on philosophies. I was...
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Weekly Update 8/16/2019 Posted 3 years ago
I am reading about consequentialism and will read other philosophies such as ethical egoism and social darwinism. I will take a look at instrumentalism, conventionalism, and a few others. I have looked at a few of those before already. I made a few decisions for myself personally for writing and drawing. I am goign to put them on lower priority. In fact, if I compare writing to drawing, then I would do drawing over writing. But, either way, I won't be doing either as much unless the mood strikes me.

As I look at philosophies and consider things and my goals that I am at, I figure I was on this way already when considering philosophies, so it isn't like I suddenly decided to pursue these. I have been burgeoning with certain changes in beliefs and other personal views myself for...
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Weekly Update 8/3/2019 Posted 3 years ago
I can't for the life of me stay focused enough to do breathing meditations for even 15 minutes while focusing my mind on breathing. I hope it's not cascading onto other things such as work and maybe my own diet. Perhaps I'm being too paranoid. But then again, I've been known to be weak willed. I hope it is just a lull and this drop in focus is merely because I have been very strict on myself nearly a year now.

Perhaps I am letting myself off too much, though. Just today, I want to fall asleep and do something else while working on my novel. Yes, it smells like procrastination to me and must be squashed. At the same time, very little is set up between me and letting it all crash down and burn into a smoldering pile.

I drew the reversed rune of Algiz yesterday on my...
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Weekly Update 7/14/2019 Posted 3 years ago
Got a lot of things that happened to me over the week. I went to the doctor on wednesday. He agrees that it was probably me losing all the weight. He prescribed me some prednisone for the tailbone pain and has me an ibuprofin regimen. The prednisone is only for seven days and the ibuprofin will continue for 7 days on and two or three days off. Then, if it doesn't go away, perhaps go to a donut pillow. If that doesn't work, we'll look at possibility of something like a fracture.

The other day, I was stupid signing up for a dating app and had it flagged as fraud. Now, my debit card can't be used as a credit card. I can still use it as a debit and atm card. But, I'll have to go see my bank possibly for a reissue although when I talked to the fraud folks and the bank they seemed...
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Weekly Update 7-7-2019 Posted 3 years ago
This week was short at work, I had the fourth off but went to bed early because I went in the 5th and helped move things around.

I didn't get to start the thursday writing prompt early. I did catch up on a story or two. I worked on the novel. I got the word count summarized and estimate that when all is said and done I will be working on it for about eight months before I get it finally done.
The cold is mostly gone but sometimes I get to coughing up the phlem remnants. I got a blister from not wearing my gloves when I was using the scraper to pull up tape. Thankfully that's almost gotten away. I called up my step-mom on the 3rd for her birthday and hung out with friends on the 5th and 6th.

I did get side tracked doing writing the other day before I visited...
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Weekly Update 6-30-2019 Posted 3 years ago
In order to make sure I don't flood everyone with too much stuff, I will limit my posts to five minutes timed writing on journals.

Real quick, I got myself some cross contamination from making spaghetti salad. I thought that heating the cooked ham that I sliced up on a cutting board that I just sliced a roll of hamburger in half would kill the germs. I put the same ham on chef salad first and then on spaghetti salad two days after thinking it was fine.

What started as a scratchy throat is now a cough and aches and nose running. Ugh. I sit here not happy. I don't want to med myself down but I may do that after I get done with this.

I still stuck to the 30 minute window for the writing prompt this week. I wanted to work on my novel but like last week, I...
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Name Change Posted 3 years ago
Since I would be unable to delete the account, I decided to at least change the name to Reogold. I will have several new characters of different types. I am working on a vore story that is more aligned with my tastes and gets me very... um... excited. So, when things get me "excited", they tend to be worth doing. Yup :3
Upcoming Posted 3 years ago
I have decided to retire anything to do with the Penelope universe as I will be focusing on publishing material from there. This means that certain characters will be retired that I placed in the universe specifically. I will be retiring any stories involved with them. This includes any accounts such as Ias I'ney. I do not believe that cardia might link to them but I will check in google searches. The bottom line is that I want to retire anything I might publish that coupd link back. I'm drawing the distinction between professional and things for fun. I also will be cleaning my watch list. It's not that I don't like any of the drawings but that I want to focus on writing for now. If a person I watched has written anything and posted it, I will keep the watch. Thankies.