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Votag V1.0 Posted 3 years ago
I reduced the details and basically pushed Votag to 1.0 quickly leaving a lot open to the individual players and vore master to determine.

Edit: I am done with it for now. I originally got side tracked from working on my drawing skills. I want to go back to focusing a little bit on that each day until I get to finish the current book I am and go onto the last book I am going to go through before I'll go back to drawing my own stuff again.

Current Version 1.0
New Updates to Votag Posted 3 years ago
I have votage focused down. It is going to take longer than I originally thought but I am hitting it one bit at a time and not going to focus on it too much so to keep off burnout.

Current Version 0.54
Tabletop Vore Game (Votag) Posted 3 years ago
I have started working on a vore tabletop game. I've gotten about partially through making the basic rules document.

Vore Game Posted 3 years ago
I've narrowed it down to the vore game I want to work on first. It's core idea is: An up and coming vorish entrepreneur sets out to make a vorish business empire in the world
So far, I've gotten the core stuff written on paper and am working on ironing out how the features will work. Next will be to set a timeline. After that it'll be a time to see what goes and what stays in the game as it is made in rpg maker. I may need to ask for help doing drawings as I am not finished going through my drawing books yet. I will still work on the core game as best as I can.
Vore Content I want and the Vore RPG Update Posted 3 years ago
Instead of a full Vore RPG, I plan to make one of my old sets of stories and world into an RPG. I originally wrote it with vore and gluttony content in mixed in with it. It isn't all vore and has some non-vorish quests in there. I plan on it having vorish and gluttonous options for 40% of the quests in it but that may change, depending how the story turns out.

I find that I am craving somethings specifically with vore. What I want seems vague but the more I look at it, the more I think I know what I want.

Take Skyrim's Devourment. I sort of want the overview, more digestive descriptions. Then, mix in bits of talking with the prey and entrapment of the prey. The descriptions of being encased in the gut sac. Even add in a dash of acid damage although I don't usually...
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Vore RPG Game Posted 3 years ago
I decided to do a vore rpg game with rpgmaker mv. I haven't had a lot of time. I'm also practicing drawing by actually going through my cartoon and comics drawing books and completing them and draw along with them.
As for RPG Maker. I've not been able to get the handle on it do exactly what I want. Perhaps I need to do some more coding or wait until I get through the drawing books
I haven't been able to do vore in battle how I want. I wanted to have it drawn out in battle but it may be best to have it be a knockout unless I want to do some elaborate coding.
I can have situtations outside of battle in events for more elaborate encounters.
Originally I was going to do a pacman thing that would not rely on the regular battle system. I also wanted to make it to where...
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Last Sseptember Posted 3 years ago
I wanted to post this here to tell what's happened to me over the past few months this past september to those who are interested. Then, I am going to talk about moving around on FA and some plans with drawing and writing

I pretty much moved out of my apartment without a plan. I didn't have a job. I nearly got rid of everything except clothes and my laptop and a few other heirlooms, pictures of me, and items, and drawings. I was going to go down to florida and pretty much be at the bottom there. When I went down to florida, I finally came to my senses and I was going to move back to Pennsylvania and see if I could live with my Grandma or something. I started to text some friends and one of them convinced me to come back to Illinois. I was pretty much staying at motels and...
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Where I'm going to mostly be at and where I'm staying at Posted 4 years ago
I got another instagram account under iasiney
The way I'm doing social media and for sites like DA and FA is where I can find the most engagement with. Right now, these sites are DA and FA.

I also got another discord account Cardia#4056 . I've been playing around on Eka's Portal's discord server a bit trying to find more friends.

I'll be playing around with my Weasyl accounts and sofurry accounts and the other similar sites like furrific and others and cleaning those up as well.

As for Eka's portal, specifically, I'm not doing a "vore art feed" account here anymore. I would like to get to know some specifically on here enough that I would come over here more but the prospects are sadly low right now in favor of other accounts. Either...
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Shuffling around watches Posted 4 years ago
I am going to stick to a manageable amount of watches. So, I'll be removing and re-adding some watches. I'm going to stick to five right now. Please PM me and we'll talk about it if you want to be re-added and you were removed. Nothing personal. I'm trying to be more honest with those I watch and give the time I think these artists and writers, etc deserve.
Prey in name but not in hunter Posted 4 years ago
Silly preds. Don't you actually hunt prey? Having hunted animals for real. There's two techniques I learned before I ended up not hunting again after moving away. One is the sit down, shut up, and blend. If you've gotten too much prey on alert, sit down against a tree or someplace out of the way that gives a good view and don't move. If the prey don't know where you are, perhaps you've left. At least the prey might "feel" so if you're patient. Stealth. The sneak attack. Next, the prey drive. Cause a panic, and while the prey is running from you down and out of the gully, your two pred buddies set up on the ridge they go toward just intercept them and gulp em' up. Endurance is another one. Pack hunting. How velociraptors were said to hunt in Jurassic Park.You'd better be willing...
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