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Fallout 4 Vore lore holotape Posted 4 years ago
Holotape 1 Recording

Yeah, so today, I saw this raider girl. I was heading back and she was in fighting with some raiders. Then, I stopped because she up picks up, holds the raider and stuffs him in down her mouth. The other raiders seemed to stop and gawk and some shoot as well. She takes it in stride and pulls it up and down swallowing the raider into her belly. I couldn't keep my eyes off looking at that. I was happy at that point. I haven't heard about it except in one of those old holotapes and that one halfway burnt paper. Here's a person that likes vore as much as I do. But not the idea, I mean, she can do. She does it.
I couldn't get over it. I froze up right there. I kept thinking of the scenarios, how they'd play out talking to this person. Then I come back to...
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Fallout 4 Vore and Voremersion Posted 4 years ago
I pretty much got what I can get out of the Vore Mod as it is at this point and am not going to record or post anymore videos.

However, I might do videos when Carreau gets the voremersion done if he doesn't do any videos.

But, the real reason I don't want to do anymore videos is because of: uploading time (some of the videos I currently have are 2.0gb) and not wanting to shoot videos but just wanting to play and amuse myself and this more of a chore now.

Edit: As to doing npc vore, that is all nice and such. I just don't. Never was really a want for me to do it and the mod didn't seem to have much better immersion than Devourment. I'd rather have other things added to it like seeing them having moving bellies and such. The thing needs more art. I...
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Devourment and Fallout 4 Psuedocode and Fallout 4 Vore Videos Posted 4 years ago
I am currently at odds with the vore mod as it is. I think it's just the immersion or that it forces you to a certain playstyle (basically agreeing with some other comments from others). But the way folks go about the redo this or that with it isn't working for me. It is boring to go around and eat people sadly with this mod because I just don't care so much for the melee build and getting the videos ready. I just don't want to do anymore fallout 4 vore 2.0 mod videos right now.

One of the things that would be interesting with the Fallout 4 vore mod is pika or object vore. I want to have more transparent digestion process whereas if you swallow something you can use a terminal screen to see what is in your insides. Also, have a way to reopen the stomach container.

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More Fallout 4 Videos with Fallout 4 Vore Mod from Yesterday Posted 4 years ago
Videos from yesterday:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 5:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 6:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 7:

Videos Today:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 8:
Guilty Pleasure: Fallout 4 Vore Posted 4 years ago
So I broke down and decided to play it again, I am now doing an evil 2nd playthrough as a vorish psychopathic raider. If she can't eat, then she destroys it and eats it later... maybe XD

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 1
No audio for the first video but I fixed that for future videos:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 2:

Fallout 4 Vore Psychopath Raider Playthrough 3:

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Flipping back and forth like a toggle Posted 4 years ago
Vore only does it so much for me currently in Fallout 4. If only the experience was a little more immersive. Still, I am in their world. I'm not just bending my talents over top of Fallout 4 because that is just limiting me.

But vore can be a limit to creativity and that is why I like to include different non-vore and side-along to vore fetishes in the same whole world.

I am limited by how much I think I can make this world substantive through words. I would just do what I did with my Pokemon fan fiction I have yet to finish and play the game alongside of it. However, that is so limited in the time I have to get somewhere. Unless the limited time is not something to worry about. Unless it doesn't matter. I think the problem is that I am limiting, I don't allow an...
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Fallout 4 Vore Mods more than 18 prey Posted 4 years ago
I broke down and started to play it with some of my mods, including the more than 18 prey one. Found out that it breaks and It doesn't enable the digest phase when you get it up into 58 prey. Digest stage is 177 so that may have to do with that. It gets so sluggish then, and registers the swallow less and less. Crap, now I'll have to go back to 18. It's bumming me out. I've removed the more than 18 prey modifications from the thread since it is a horrid standstill bug. I'm going to go down other avenues of entertainment, non vore related. I need to break the spell of this fallout 4 vore 2.0 mod before the end of the month.

Bums me out more that not everyone can get the Digestive scan tapes working. Shoot I don't know what I'm doing then if I did something wrong. It works for...
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Fallout 4 Vore Mods Update Posted 4 years ago
At this point, I got up to vore level 90 naturally twice with two different characters. I haven't started a new character from scratch with just vore though.

I did a vore weapon augment so that devour is attached to guns. I also had vore stat augments to attach to the pipboy that essentially acts like vore armor for swallow strength, acid, and indigestion resistance. Yet, voring is dull now, especially since I can modify the 18 max prey to 125 (127). Its like, it takes the interest out of it.

The game is so dull right now. I load up a middle save where I haven't choosen whether to do anything with the major factions, institute included. I kinda' want to go to Nuka world and do things there. But mindless eating and raiding is not so fun for me.

I have...
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Dr Cardias Cave Posted 4 years ago
Dr. Cardia's cave as it is still seems like too dirty for a self respecting doctor. I was hoping to explain it away by saying vore is outcasting. I might just run around until I find a small brick building or small enough lab area. I was considering using the medford medical center (I think that's what it is) operating theatre and if it loads, clearing out all the super mutant stuff and encounters and using that as Dr. Cardia's faction hq.

Yes, I would like to make this add-on universally put messages in about revulsion to doing vore or go around with vore bellies for the uninitiated and positive reaction from vorephiles and those in the faction. No one has a reaction and apparently if when doing scenes and npc responses if you don't put a response to be used by a specific...
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Fallout 4 Vore Modding Posted 4 years ago
I'm disgusted with modding fallout 4 vore and adding addons now. I'm sad that I couldn't be included in the heavy modding of fallout 4. I'm basically just mad that not enough people seem interested in this. That and I'm sorta' doing the same thing other modders are doing and redoing their work. It's not good form and I realize it. It isn't like writing a story. I could write a story about some doctor getting involved in vore and it doesn't have to be in the fallout 4 universe. Heck even a stomach scanner concept doesn't have to be in the fallout 4 universe. But, it is fine. I was just jealous, and wanted to see if I could start doing things faster and my own way and show it off because people might like the idea. Two have at least.
But even I am going to be busier next month and am...
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