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Fallout 4 Dr Cardia Faction Posted 4 years ago
I am just about ready to turn over to other things to get my vore off. The main drive with this is that I want something more and more from the game's current vore stuff. The creation kit is finicky. I am a cut and dry type of pred. I'll stick to what I know if things aren't working well.

I custom built the cell that the faction is in. I tried to duplicate the structure of the memory den but just trying to load up the cell crashes the creation kit. I checked and I should have at least the minimum requirements for the creation kit. Usually I can load the red rocket truck stop with no problems.

What I might do is add the faction into the vore bunker for now with an additional trap door. I would still like to just duplicate the memory den. Maybe If I just...

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Texts and Logs for Dr Cardia's Lore for a possible Quest/Facti Posted 4 years ago
These had me up past when I go to bed. Ha.

Dr Cardia Quest
Devour Raiders Faction Quests

Todo: Utilizing Memory Den map, locate a similar cellar door next to Hardware town building if possible or nearby.
Todo: Refreshing on moving around objects in the render window.
Todo: Assess the extent of involvement in making a faction. Start adding in the faction.
Todo: Finish text conversations, holotapes, and associated logs for all faction characters. Planning on having at least a couple of raider characters. Was feeling to me like another railroad. Not so, and the raider ties make it like a Nuka-World Raider/Railroad hybrid type of faction.Dr. Cardia will likely be main quest giver.
Todo: Make raider lady npc based on...

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Fallout 4 Vore Dr Cardia Mod Posted 4 years ago
I am trying to get a nice little stomach scanning holotape that lets you know how much prey you've eaten and the count of alive prey in your stomach.

Dr. Cardia's Stomach Scanner

V0.1 I first started out editing the ConsumptionIndex, adding in debug notifications that gave back descriptive messages about the vorish process, from swallowing to moving around in the stomach.
V0.2 I added even more messages. Tried to make the messages hesitate a little so the spam is slowing and moved around the sounds.
V0.3 Added prey eaten and prey alive to the vore stat distendex successfully.
V0.4 I begin to think that folks may not want the vore messages and how it does truthfully crowd up the notifications probably blocking out more important messages....
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Skyrim Devourment Posted 4 years ago
Now, to hopefully not get into a spitting venom.

As I was trying to sleep last night, I got of the mind to go back and try devourment again for Skyrim. I wanted to see those fuzzy and scaley distended bellies again. I let it download most of the night and it was finished when I got up to go to the bathroom in the night. So waited until fully morning.

I basically spend this morning and afternoon going through the game and beating the main quest on skyrim. Ugh (compared to fallout 4, I was hitting Q a lot and getting my favorites menu up, ha ha)
And then got it beaten about 2ish.

Then I started getting devourment installed. Omg. I was spitting venom, truely and getting everything to register. I have things connected like a crossed-assed old...
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Fallout 4 Vore 2.0 Update Posted 4 years ago
This isn't the newest update. Technically this is backlogging a few days ago. I'll update more recently next entry.

So, I went through and beat Fallout 4 main quest, and the three major DLC quests on my regular character.

I went back and started a character from scratch. Since I went through all the levels up to 90 in different playruns with it so far, I just upped this character to master. Pretty much, the only thing I'm doing right now in this modded second playthrough is not increasing my level. So I am basically no escape vorephile. I've upped the stats to over 1000. Now, I'm just going around and pillaging. Well at first. I wanted to have the option to go to the institute and eat everyone there, so bascially I did a main quest playthrough up until the point...
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Day 2 Posted 4 years ago
I'm living in a Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask but the world isn't really coming to an end, there's no big bad making the moon crash into the earth. Except, apparently I think that it is true and that the big bad is the ol' Fallout 4 Creation Kit. At this point, if I want to jack around with it anymore, it's a call between realistically being a masochist or not.

I wanted to make a quest that you would come across a deathclaw near the water tower at red rocket truck stop. After talking to him, he would swallow you persay and you'd go to it's stomach and clear out junk and baddies. Then there'd be a workshop and yeah. I had a whole plotline designated. There was a scientist inside and had shrinking technology there. He (Ias Delino because why not) was in a hazmat suit and...
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Fallout 4 Vore Light look see (frakking program rant vent) Posted 4 years ago
As with the Eka's portal forum posts. I'm feeling ambitious and thinking yeah remake the program vore 2.0. So, I get the fallout 4 creation kit and like well I can get a look over the devour cannibal perk stuff. Bad sign when it won't even let me save anything, even to the default path, even to my documents. Invalid directory. Da wha? I literally just loaded up the program and unzipped and overwrote the program to where it said to. That's a bad sign #2, it throws up potential overwrite problems, that bethesda is throwing out unstable variables like unpatched crap fears in the toolkit so when you add it in, it's broken because they were working on it. Then went to data and added in the fallout.esm main and then, as I'm following the basic tutorial over at site I...
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Fantasy Name Generator Works Like a Charm Posted 8 years ago
A writer with potential Posted 8 years ago
I don't like Scat and graphic digestion or otherwise hard vore. But, if you like full process digestive adult hard vore, I recommend this author:

This is the story and don't click on it if you don't like scat or full digestion or hard vore:
Bizarro Stuff Posted 9 years ago
I'm all for the bizzaro kind of stuff, but more commonplace.