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Vore and Gastroenterologists Posted 9 years ago
The vore people who like vore and particularly the ones that like vore and scat are well suited to be gastroenterologists. Especially, when they can keep from getting boners or turned-on when dealing with the digestive stuff surrounding their patients. Then, acting professional rather than chuckling or laughing in a creepy way when they look at their patients stomach's on the monitor with an endoscope or a barium swallow or pill cam.
Vorish Works Posted 9 years ago
I don't read any vore works. I only look at art. I enjoy reading manga and watching anime more than I like writing anymore. Then, I write vore stories. When I draw things, they aren't very good. Yet, if my writing sucks as much as my drawing, then what the heck do I have to lose. I just feel bad y'know writing a ton and not reading anything. Writing is easy for me and I've heard that when its easy then its a sign of a bad writer. Drawing is never easy, so then maybe its a sign I do better drawing.

Shoot. what'll I do. Hmmm... what'll I do. Hoo well.
Time and Flash Posted 9 years ago
Since I didn't have the time last night to do the entire vore chap book, I just got a flash fiction episode of the one I did last night.
Wow Posted 9 years ago
Why don't I come here more often. The vore is the way the truth and the life. I swears upon the vore code.
Afterlife Book Posted 9 years ago
Then there's the afterlife book.

The journal of: it is what is. Whatever it is is should be mine, and how I want it. A religious book as well as a plan of the afterlife yet it should be a fun past time and hopefully not an obsession to where it is so big it needs to be something else.

Writers make choices and not a choice to have a story be an elaborately detailed pedigree of horses or everyone's dental records as attributed to the movie The Wonder Boys. Not so under the influence. It needs not be written by someone under the influence. I'm not under the influence of anything except a full tummy and caffeine when I write this. The best things. Mmmm. ^.=.^

The most successful journal I had was having Ias comment on my life, as it was, in any way. It...
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Stomach Plushie Posted 11 years ago
Yeah, I drew up the image for the stomach plushie. My mom thinks it odd, I kinda' think its odd in retrospect and cool at the same time, but eh, when I get these ideas in my head and get a drive to completion I'd rather get on going. I kinda' have been thinking of this thing as a small knapsack. But either way, I wanna see what it'd would be like to put things inside it. I could tie the esophagus and duodenum together to keep things inside XD

I will probably stuff it with stuff (n_n), when I take it to IRL friends... and well... maybe not. It is to have an inner layer with some sort of padding and soft stuff in between. Not much, just light padding, cuz it is supposed to look deflated, baggy, and when filled up will take full stomach shape. The inner layer I'd like to have...
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Stomach Suit Posted 11 years ago
I have had ideas, wants to make stomach looking things, especially considering previous post:
The freewrite that spawned the previous entry is interesting and cool and sits in me like a cute cuddly thing warm and nestled in so deep. I won't put it here, I'll just say, something that would have usually caused pain in being dissolved I wrote about like it was painless.

Anyway, enough swooning. 1st phase, I was thinking about making plushie stomach's. Though I'm sure someone got the idea already. I wanted the plushie stomach to be able to have stuff put inside of it, by the trailing esophagus part.... Maybe by zipper but even my mom who...
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Mysterious Rising from the Ashes Posted 11 years ago
It has been sometime since I last was able to get access to this account. I guess I am back...
Cardia Resurrected Posted 13 years ago
Cardia has been mysteriously resurrected. Rejoice.
We're Sorry Posted 13 years ago
As of 4/27/2009 Cardia has died. He will not be resurrected. His successor will be around someday but that will not be announced here who that is.