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Motivation to write Posted 7 years ago
Currently, I got a new job and I need to adjust my pattern so I can have enough energy to write. As it stands, I prefer to play games to relax but that leaves me little to no time/motivation to write.

A pattern will be found soon.
Opening up for story commissions. Posted 8 years ago
Time to start an offer.
I'm opening up for any story commissions people may want to purchase, be it anything from a profile description, roleplay setting or a story to put to a picture you may have.
For some examples of my writing:
Also, check some of the pictures he has posted. Some have a story attached to them

What I will do:
Soft vore
Hard vore
Unusual vore
Soul vore
Sex/adult themes
Oral, Unbirth, Anal, breast vore

What I won't do:
Digestion that goes beyond the...
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No vore fails? Posted 9 years ago
I got ideas. Just minor problems here and there.
1. I am currently studying again at TAFE (School that isn't Uni). So time is restricted.
2. I've been typing up stories as well. Keep an eye out, they'll appear soon.
3. Trouble finding predators at time.

But my ideas are always bouncing around. Just a matter of finding the time.
21st coming up on the 14th. Posted 9 years ago

I don't have a clue what I want for my birthday. Either stuff I want is WAY out of the question (expensive), or I just don't need anything. Still though, another B'day coming and going.
New, curious and... something. Posted 9 years ago
Hows this go again...

G'day all.
I'm Icey, a cold hating, warmth loving, lazy, Australian cheetah.
I.... come in peace?

Despite an interest in it for a while, I'm vore-curious in the actual practise at the moment. I've only started drawing and involing myself recently. If I had to choose a role, it would be predator. Still unsure about the actual prey role. Only time will tell.

I see various forms of humour in vore, which is what I plan to aim my pictures around, themed "Vore Fail", as my character tries out various senarios of vore... and failing at it. This will include pred and prey roles.
I'm always looking for characters to play the role of pred/prey in these drawings, so if you are interested, gimme a...
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