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Energy is wasted on the Youth Posted 3 years ago
Felt inspired to write a story about the irony of today's youth. Witnessing problems from friend's families. It's insane how much is beyond fiction, sadly enough. Hope my latest tale is enjoyable to read and view. A new, fun twist on a typical, daily issue, many families face, especially all over America... First world problems.
Akame ga Kill - Tatsumi's bane Posted 3 years ago
Decided to rewatch an old favorite of mine on Hulu these past few weeks. Akame ga Kill. A fun vorish thought came to my mind about Leone... And well, the star hero Tatsumi. He simply called out to me, like a man just practically begging for a predator to take advantage of him. I thought the story would be fun to write about in my own, vorish way. I hope I did the title some justice. I worked hard for several hours.

Constructive criticism always welcome. Positive feedback, even more so! :P
General discussion Posted 4 years ago
Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my latest story.

It really helps to facilitate further desire to make more things and present them here.

I hope to come up with some new and fun material soon.

I'll keep you all posted!

Wendy's? Posted 4 years ago
Haha, it's so hilarious, all of this Wendy stuff lately. Not that I mind. It's just. Where did it all start? I don't watch T.V. or commercials, mind. So I guess I missed the point? I mean yeah. The girl I am sure she is pretty in real life. I just wonder what all of this is about. If someone could enlighten me.
Down the Hatch Posted 4 years ago
Man alive.

It sure feels like such a waste down the hatch hasn't been brought here to EKAs to be seen as an interactive story. So many chapters there, or possibilities. So many paragraphs of awesome vore text, just gone. Writing . com doesn't do the story justice. Constant virus and malware follow you every where there, if you try to go from page to page. If I could think of an interactive I'd want here. It would definitely be that one.
Jungle Book Posted 4 years ago
Just watched the new Jungle Book for the first time this weekend. That scene with the man-cub and the snake. It's like gah, yeah, you don't want the hero of the story to die, but it's so vorish, what with the snake and all. There not enough Jungle Book vore out there. Which I am surprised to be honest. The movie has a lot of potential where there could be endless situations both of graphic art and stories written from it.

Just my two cents of thoughts.
Down the Hatch Posted 5 years ago
Would be interesting / neat / cool, I think, if someone were able to get "Down the Hatch" revisited and re-fleshed-out here on EKA's just as the people re-doing the Vore High thread have been doing a fantastic job with. Such an awesome vore story lost to time. A shame it's not here already. Just a penny for a thought.

Civil War Posted 5 years ago
Captain America: Civil War - I'd have to give it a near perfect score even if it's not entirely true to the comic. I'll give kudos to Marvel for bringing the story from the books to the screen so others who never read the comic can enjoy these little events. Sorry no spoilers. You're going to have to enjoy it yourself! It's worth the money though, I felt.