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Happy new year 2020 everybody. Posted 6 months ago
I know i'm late for this but, i'm hoping everyone is having a happy new year so far! This year 2020, is going to be soooo booming with lots of good games coming out. :D
with Kingdom hearts remind dlc(And i'm totally hoping this dlc will fix some plots holes in the story, so finger cross >.> ) Final fantasy 7 remake, The last of us part 2 and other good stuff in E3 2020 is going to be so very exciting, it gets my heart start pumping just thinking about new things to come this year!:D

Oh, and new fighters for smash ultimate and the ps5. Hopefully they'll add the...
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Update:Digital drawings now open for commission. Price changes Posted 1 year ago
Just a little update, that i'm now be doing digital art now and some Prices has been update as well. So if interested. Check my commission status.
Update: commissions are open Posted 1 year ago
Finally back from my holiday vacation (and another mouth off too, from last mouth.) And ready to back to drawing! Also a little update: Commission are now open so check out my commission statues for more details before making a commission order.

And as for requesters, sorry again for this long wait, I've been through some personal stuff right now. Nothing bad or anything, just real life stuff have been getting in the way and I need my me time to sort things out. But anyway, I will upload them soon so keep an eye out for them thanks. :)
Happy Holidays!, Commission status update Posted 1 year ago
Just a little short update to say happy holidays everyone and hope you all are doing well! Also to the people who ask for requests drawings are 100% complete. Unfortunately, It's going to have to wait to be upload until I return from my Holiday vacation break and I'll be returning sometime in January. so I do apologize for the wait. but anyways, have a awesome Marry Christmas and happy new year! :)
Commissions in the future? your guys thoughts? Posted 1 year ago
So I'm thinking about setting up commissions since i'm having a complicated irl job searching and all, And i'll probably have them open next year in the early or mid January
to have things set up. And i'm wounding what your guys thoughts of this idea.(if your interested that is)