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Summer Update! Commission Break Marches On Posted 2 months ago
Hey all. Updates, uploads, and more have been sporadic lately I know. Just catching up on other hobbies of late that don't directly involve writing. More recently I've been on a reading tear, gobbling up books left and right. (There's a tip for any aspiring writers, or artists in general: Read! See how the literal professionals write! It's an invaluable thing you can do outside directly working on your craft!) I'm working my way through a reading queue over 20 books long, with more to add. Between that, other hobby time, and some decisions regarding purchasing commissions of my own, my writing commission availability remains on hiatus. I'm not retired for good by any means, but I have to admit it's been really nice not having to fret over a queue to complete, which interferes with personal...
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A Non-Fool-Filled Update! Commission Break Posted 6 months ago
Hey everyone. I'll preface this right out of the gate with "no, this is not an April Fools update."

I wrapped up a commission this week, and I wanted to say I'm taking a break from commissions for the time being. Want to focus on my own stuff for a bit, and am overall less-incentivized to do commissions for now. I won't be gone forever! I'm sure I'll wake up one day and decide it's time to open up again. But for now, I'm going to be focused on my own stuff for a while.

Ideally, what I can get done includes, but is not limited to, more character introductions, more Cliff's Notes, and maybe, juuuuust maybe, continuing Lutro's little PMD adventure in a more episodic format. Plus additional one-offs of "you know what, I want to have X eat Y" that...
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OC Management Madness! Posted 10 months ago
As you probably noticed today, I posted a lot of things, both written and illustrated! I'm pretty excited about my new yoshi OC, Cliff (seems I have something of an obsession with yoshies in general), having already written several things surrounding the character, which helped spur this action. Guess my break's over, and that time resting built up into this recent creative spurt. Spent the better part of my morning actually preparing for publishing all this stuff. Being a neat freak, I wanted to pre-type all the gallery descriptions, prepare the links (as much as I could) between everything and for artist crediting, arrange gallery folders, prepare tweets, and more. I even made a "Posting Details" step-by-step document to make sure I didn't miss anything! (This blog post was...
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Still on Quasi-Break + Upcoming Birthday Posted 1 year ago
Hope everyone's having a safe and fun summer (or winter, to our friends in the southern hemisphere). I've been enjoying my long break, and finally got the single commission I had queued up since April. So now I'm free from the burden of commissions fully now. Guilt-free, that is.

I'm going to continue staying on break for a bit. Maaaybe I'll take a commission here and there, but I think I want to get some of my own stories written. One of which may or may not be inspired by a recent New Pokémon Snap update (no promises but stay tuned!)

This could change on a whim, but being queue-free is nice. (And for those that aren't aware - this is only a hobby for me, not something my livelihood depends on). Part of this continued break is because my birthday is this month...
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Writing Break! Posted 1 year ago
Just wanted to let everyone know I'm taking a break! After finishing my Yoshi tale last month I haven't written a word. Been spending more time outdoors and such, and the drive to write mostly hasn't been there. There's nothing dramatic going on in my life or anything like that. Just busy with other things for now. I wanted to let everyone know, as this is one of the few times that I won't be accepting new commissions. (Any ones already paid for I'm doing despite this break, no worries there!)

Who knows how long the break will last, but I'll let everyone know when I'm officially open again!
Happy New Year! Posted 1 year ago
Wishing a Happy New Year to everyone! Though it shouldn't be hard to top (knock on wood), here's hoping we see a better year this year.

2021 commissions are officially open. I don't get too much traffic so there's no deadline or limited slots or anything. I have a bit of a backlog to work through for 2020, but I intend to keep up with writing on an almost-daily basis, so sooner or later I'll get to you.

Price for 2021 is $15 / 1000 words. My Trello has the active queue, link to the full rules, and more.

Hope everyone has a great year!
Happy Halloween! Commission News Posted 1 year ago
Hi everyone. Hope you're having/had a good Halloween! Just wanted to post an update regarding commissions for the rest of this year and on to the next.

- Commissions are closing for the year at the end of November 2020!
- Aside from what's currently on my queue (which is on Trello now), I will not be completing any more commissions this year! I'm taking a writing break for the month of December.

Why am I still taking new commissions, then? Because prices are changing starting 2021, but I want to give people an opportunity to lock in the old prices!

- The current rate is $10 + $10/1000 words. Any new commissions taken on or before November 30th 2020 will get this rate.
- The...
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Commissions Wide Open! Posted 2 years ago
Hi everyone. After a couple months of not writing, I buckled down and got through my long-standing queue of things to write. In addition, I've been able to write a few personal short stories of just random ideas I've had.

My Trello board has been serving me well, as it is quasi-forcing me to put not-commissions in the queue instead of always abandoning them. As you can see, though, the list is currently empty! If you were interested in commissioning me for a story, give me a buzz! Here or Discord are both acceptable. For now, my terms and such are still on my Eka's Portal commission page, but I'm considering moving those to Trello as well.

Birthday on Monday...
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August Update! Resuming Writing, Trello, and Birthday Posted 2 years ago
I hope everyone's getting along alright. Stay strong.

Wanted to post a little update, now that we're in August of a tumultuous year for many. Through the powers of procrastination, I took the last two months off from writing more-or-less. From one week to the next I just felt like doing other things or not much at all. I could say "it's due to current events" but honestly it was just laziness. Not the end of the world, but I'm just grateful that those who have been sitting in my queue for a while have been outstanding and patient. Thank you.

I now have a Trello board for my writing queue. You can find it here: I've used Trello for years prior and have always enjoyed its simplicity,...
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State of the Buizel -- June 2020 Posted 2 years ago
Hey all! Hope everyone's doing well. Especially considering current global events. Hang in there! We'll survive and thrive!

Just wanted to dump some unfiltered status updates out about various things I'm working on and what I've been up to. For the past couple months I've mostly just been doing commissions as they roll in. Earlier in the year, I was pushing to get more chapters of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer Lutro out, but procrastination and other unrelated hobbies started taking away writing time! I do have several more chapters written, as well as a rough outline for more. I'll try to get some more chapters posted to keep that story going. (I have some character art too! I should get to posting them. Bringing some of the characters in that story to illustrative...
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