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50,000 Word Writing Challenge, and Potential for Stream Posted 4 years ago
Hey everyone. Haven't made a post here yet! So here we go!

I've been carrying along well enough in my short time here. Gotten a couple commissions. Written a few, myself. Have a pretty good system in place. I have a somewhat-lengthier writing project in the works currently (longer than the one-shot stories and such I've posted so far). It's pokémon based, and hopefully will be an entertaining read. It is vore-themed, but it won't be the focus all the time.

I think I'm all caught up on roleplay logs. You probably won't see many more of those. The ones I've posted thus far are all from years' worth of roleplaying (having to track down some folks for permission to post). No more freebie posts for me!

Now on to the subjects in the title. This month is...
[ Continued ... ]