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Update time Posted 2 months ago
Sorry i haven't been active much, motivation sure knows when to leave huh?
Heres some updates!

Real life: nothing new, however in August i will be going back to school so expect minimal uploads

Art and story wise: miivoreia and highschool of death still have planned stories. Planning on officially introduceing the rest of needles coworks (already got ashley micheal karma scarf and chris done. 2 more to go weee)

I plan on explaining some things about makayla as well as the a.u. im also currently planning on making
A vore based pet, unless i find the idea is already taken but who thinks as slimes for pets?

Thats about it, roleplays are still open. In other news im also working on a non vore based book called "betrayal in...
[ Continued ... ]
Now roleplaying on.. Posted 4 months ago
Decided to say this, i'll be looking for more roleplay sites since im generally ideaed out so with that in mind im now gonna attempt roleplays on Eka itself, yeah probs not a smart move but eh boredom lead me here once it'll do it again
Update time Posted 5 months ago
So update: uh requests are kind canceled now, i realized that i don't have many restrictions to them when in reality my art style isn't suited for certain scenarios. Similarly the same is said for writeing. So sorry to those waiting on a request!
Now for general minor things

Role-playing(site suggestions welcomed): this is aimed more to a certain person, im still opened to roleplays on discord! Other sites may or may not very.

Planned stuff: you know those choose your path stories? Well im trying to find a free site to make one of those since i so far don't have much planned art wise. And trying to make those here seems like to much work for me tbh (though lets face it when is anything not to much work?)
Welp thats all! Seeyall!
Update time Posted 7 months ago
This is where i'll post a few updates soo here y'all go!
Request update: these are closed cause i am serverly behind,

Art update: due to environment issues art will be delayed.fuck ohio weather thats all im going to say

Writing:same as art.

Personal: doing alright! Motivation has been down abit.

Future ideas: i plan on adding more a.u's into this. In total expect about 3 different a.u'
Update over
Pregnancy? Posted 8 months ago
So lately i been in a "what if (blank) was pregnant" mood. Labor and all. So to make sure im not wasteing effort would ya'll like to see writeing and drawings of my ocs being pregnant? I know i can just post whatever i want but i still want atleast a few to enjoy it! As an added question would pregnancies that happen because of unbirth be considered vore?
random question Posted 8 months ago
out of pure randomness what do people like more? vore art or vore stories?