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Life update Posted 1 month ago
Hey y'all, mak here.
So as of recently i know i haven't been doing much. It seems like once a new year happens everything falls down lol. I'm still alive and well, don't need to worry much.
I don't have much planned for here, im actually focusing on my nonvore YouTube channel plans more then anything, but i will try to make something soon ish.
In the meantime I also have plans to attempt to make a visual novel, or something similar, so if anyone has any advice for someone who doesn't code that would be wonderful.
Anyways enjoy the rest of your day- or night!
Ayo! Posted 5 months ago
Whats up folks and jokes. This is just a tiny update to let you all know im still alive!
Lets get it out of the way, im going to wait till 2024 to resume posting as lately I been honestly to tired to deal with life. (As i wrote that my phone fell promptly right on my face) and feel like it's probably better to work on stuff so i can post it more at a time then post it asap and just leave you all empty for a long while again, the oc's got new designs Finally and if nothing extreme happens within the next months I should have some content for you all next year!
Well thats all, bye folks and jokes!
!! serious !! Also trigger warning for mentions of abuse and suicide Posted 9 months ago
While I know this site is mainly about vore and what not and politics aren't really mentioned a concerning bill has recently came up in the united states that will essentially put sites like AO3 at risk of complete deletion and could leave those in harmful senerios at risk (like suicidal thoughts or abusive house holds). And while I don't know if this site will be effected I would like for everyone to look at my recent post ( that's going to be posted right after this) and see if you can do anything to help stop the bill, I'm also pretty sure the bill goes against a right.
Suggestions? Posted 1 year ago
While my google drive deleted the one doc that actually had my list of ideas, i figured now would be a time to actually ask if theres any speific thing yall want to see! Like a prompt or a type of vore. So put down some suggestions and who knows, maybe they'll be drawn/wrote about.
Update Posted 1 year ago
Im incredible sorry for not posting anything last year (get it? Cause its January 1st?)
All jokes aside though i am sorry for not posting anything in the last few months, stuff came up like christmas and whatnot so i didn't have time to make much.
However i am already working on some stuff and will most likely start posting refs of the main ocs soon!
In vore ideas i plan on re writing/drawing some old stuff. New year new stuff am i right?

And in realization news i actually found an old account of mine that ironically goes by Makaylatriplett14. Just without the 14.
Yeah 754 submissions where on that accounts notifications
Thats all!
Update time Posted 1 year ago
Just a quick update, there has so far been no update to the gacha mod im waiting for, so here are two senenios for if the gacha mod does not release on or after October:

One where it does: i'll be making content earlier then senenio 2. Designs and everything could be posted faster thus making Future plans alot more likely

Senenio 2: it does not release at the predicted time and thus i'll be waiting till the middle of November for it. If it does not come out i'll resume content again but it will be awhile as motivation to draw has unfortunately been abit down lately (weather changes do not help btw ohio)
In any case i'll still try to do something for December at the minimum, most likely on the 26th as thats needles birthday. So just a quick update...
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Noticed Posted 1 year ago
Sorry to everyone waiting for something new but i have been on a motivation burn out and my gacha mods aren't helping it, so for the time being please don't expect anything from me for awhile, im currently waiting for a gacha mod "gacha dream" to come out because that will give me more customization for oc' s
Also i revamped my a.u so the characters will be getting a major change in their desgins. I also plan on reworking this entire account too but Leaveing all my old stuff up. Thats all have a kiwi and a good day/night ????
Update time Posted 1 year ago
Sorry i haven't been active much, motivation sure knows when to leave huh?
Heres some updates!

Real life: nothing new, however in August i will be going back to school so expect minimal uploads

Art and story wise: miivoreia and highschool of death still have planned stories. Planning on officially introduceing the rest of needles coworks (already got ashley micheal karma scarf and chris done. 2 more to go weee)

I plan on explaining some things about makayla as well as the a.u. im also currently planning on making
A vore based pet, unless i find the idea is already taken but who thinks as slimes for pets?

Thats about it, roleplays are still open. In other news im also working on a non vore based book called "betrayal in...
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Now roleplaying on.. Posted 1 year ago
Decided to say this, i'll be looking for more roleplay sites since im generally ideaed out so with that in mind im now gonna attempt roleplays on Eka itself, yeah probs not a smart move but eh boredom lead me here once it'll do it again
Update time Posted 2 years ago
So update: uh requests are kind canceled now, i realized that i don't have many restrictions to them when in reality my art style isn't suited for certain scenarios. Similarly the same is said for writeing. So sorry to those waiting on a request!
Now for general minor things

Role-playing(site suggestions welcomed): this is aimed more to a certain person, im still opened to roleplays on discord! Other sites may or may not very.

Planned stuff: you know those choose your path stories? Well im trying to find a free site to make one of those since i so far don't have much planned art wise. And trying to make those here seems like to much work for me tbh (though lets face it when is anything not to much work?)
Welp thats all! Seeyall!