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Comms closed! Posted 3 months ago
Comms are all chosen, thanks to everybody who came on by! I wasn't quite expecting 24 people, which made it hard to choose just a handful. If I didn't pick yours, feel free to re-submit when I open again, which will probably be mid-august to september if the first round goes well.
July Commissions + stream Posted 4 months ago
Yes, I think it's time to try taking commissions, see my post here for more details:
Additionally, I'm going to start streaming shortly on picarto:
Come watch me draw poke mums!
Two Years! Posted 4 months ago
And this time I have the correct day even! This day two years ago I posted my first art here. Thank you all for sticking around with me!
I'm doing an AMA on that new fangled curious cat thing, which you can find here:
Answers will be on my twitter, I think.
Slight Restructuring Posted 4 months ago
I reorganized my gallery this morning. Everything's still there, just moved. I merged the non-vore and vore folders into "general" because honestly it was just annoying having two. Pokemon girls (canon ones, not OCs) have their own folder, as do my May and Leaf series. My characters also have their own folder. There's also a folder containing all my old art (from before 2019) which I no longer like at all, but it's still there for reasons of history. Other is pretty much what it used to be.
Lemme know if something seems out of place still.
10^5 Favourites Posted 8 months ago
10^5 is a pretty big number, some might even write it as 100000. So I'm very happy that so many people like what I do enough to favourite it that many times! Seems I'll hit 4x10^6 views soon too. Thank you all so much!
One Year Posted 1 year ago
I just noticed that it's been approximately one year since I started posting here! I definitely didn't expect to get 2.7 million views when I first started out, but I'm glad you all enjoy what I do! Thank you all so much!
new binch Posted 1 year ago
Streaming that new poke girl right now
New Server Posted 1 year ago
Invite link has expired now, we had only planned the one mass invite, so thanks to everyone who joined!
Streamus Posted 1 year ago
Streaming tonight around 10-11 eastern, come on in and watch some drawing get done!
Streaming again Posted 1 year ago
I'll be streaming tonight starting around 10-11pm eastern.
Tune in to chat and see some art get made!