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Backlog of non-standard content Posted 3 months ago
I've been considering uploading some of my older works that I feel don't fit in as well with my usual fare or audience here.
Specifically this is male content, and pokemon pred/weight gain content. Most of it is a year or more old, the oldest being from 2020.

Below I've linked a strawpoll to gauge interest. Please indicate whether or not you want to see either type of content on my page here.
It's an anonymous poll, so don't feel you have to say yes out of politeness if you genuinely don't care for that sort of content.
Think only of your own preferences when you answer, don't try to metagame me pl0x.
I'm doing this to gauge interest here, as I'm far too lazy to upload dozens of old images unless people might actually want to see them.

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Retirement Posted 11 months ago
I wanna change this so it doesn't show on my page, cuz my mood has changed on the matter, but I don't want to send out an update cuz I don't want 100 people who don't read this to say "welcome back" all at once, so I'm just gonna edit this post lol. Things aren't gonna probably change from the exact current situation anytime soon, which is to say I'll post bits of my backlog every once in a while. Believe it or not you still haven't seen even most of my productivity over the past few months. I do think retiring was the right move for me, I feel much better and more productive with the pressure off. I've even started on a large project which should hopefully bear some public fruit soon on my sfw account (it's not hard to find if you look).

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CuriousCat Posted 1 year ago
I've had the link in my bio for a while, but I don't think I've ever advertised my curiouscat here, so I'm doing it now
Ask me questions, about whatever.
10^7 wow Posted 1 year ago
I noticed I hit ten million views this morning, thank you all for that! I know I've not been posting a huge proportion of vore stuff recently, mainly just because drawing it has gotten a little stale for me. But I appreciate those of you who're still sticking around with this old fork!
Commission stream 1 Posted 2 years ago
I'm streaming! I'm going to work on some personal art for a bit to warm up, and in an hour I'll start taking commissions. Tune in if you want one, or you just want to watch me draw:
Opening Stream Comms! Posted 2 years ago
I'll be doing commission streams from time to time, read this for more info:
Comms closed! Posted 3 years ago
Comms are all chosen, thanks to everybody who came on by! I wasn't quite expecting 24 people, which made it hard to choose just a handful. If I didn't pick yours, feel free to re-submit when I open again, which will probably be mid-august to september if the first round goes well.
July Commissions + stream Posted 3 years ago
Yes, I think it's time to try taking commissions, see my post here for more details:
Additionally, I'm going to start streaming shortly on picarto:
Come watch me draw poke mums!
Two Years! Posted 3 years ago
And this time I have the correct day even! This day two years ago I posted my first art here. Thank you all for sticking around with me!
I'm doing an AMA on that new fangled curious cat thing, which you can find here:
Answers will be on my twitter, I think.
Slight Restructuring Posted 3 years ago
I reorganized my gallery this morning. Everything's still there, just moved. I merged the non-vore and vore folders into "general" because honestly it was just annoying having two. Pokemon girls (canon ones, not OCs) have their own folder, as do my May and Leaf series. My characters also have their own folder. There's also a folder containing all my old art (from before 2019) which I no longer like at all, but it's still there for reasons of history. Other is pretty much what it used to be.
Lemme know if something seems out of place still.