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Commission Me! Posted 9 months ago
Hey! I just graduated, and I’d really like to get a good workflow going! I believe all my info is correct, and you have a pretty good sample of what I do. So go ahead! Hit me up! I will work for you!
OC Idea Posted 3 years ago
So I've been mulling over an idea for what is essentially the main character of an old NES game that never existed, I was wondering if any of you guys are actually interested.
Her name is Andromeda, she's an angel sent to defeat an evil demon queen, Shinra. She uses a shield and a whip, and the idea is that she beats monsters and eats their souls to power up. Normal monsters just make her go Valkyrie mode (taller, bigger tits, essentially Amazonian), but certain monsters power her up. For example, eating a mermaid's soul makes her a mermaid so she can swim, harpie means she can fly, demon means fire balls, etc. All the while she has to avoid being reduced to just a cherub and eaten herself. Her goal is to eat the souls of the seven boss monsters, so she can become powerful enough to...
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Never Done This Before Posted 3 years ago
Hey, this seems like a good way to see what you fellers like/want. I've been on a weird nostalgic kick, who sounds better for a picture?
Chel from Road to El Dorado
The mechanic or Kida from Atlantis
or Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet?
I'm already probably gonna redo an old picture I did of the Queen of Mars from Duck Dodgers