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survey Posted 4 days ago
Okay so I've had a bout of writers block but want to get back to writing but also can't decide on anything. So I'm leaving it up to you all on what I should do.
these are the possibilities you all can chose.

bloodstained story. I have a story in mind involving bloodless catching mirium.

a follow up to Mash's wet dream.

More Mash's Menu which should be drawing to a close soon

android 21 follow up story (will likely result in a 4 part series)

Seras's hunt

a follow up (and potential series) of catching a naga for dinner.

A bloodborne story

or other. Feel free to suggest possible series/ story ideas
okay even I admit this one is pointless and random Posted 10 days ago
So a recent online conversation with a fan resulted in an amusing moment where they thought I was the opposite gender, that in turn has led me to wonder which most of you think I am? Male or female? This one is one hundred percent for my own amusement, but I'm curious if my mannerisms have resulted in people thinking I'm the opposite. And for the sake of everyone's sanity it is just a choice of male or female.
discord Posted 2 weeks ago
I have a discord server now and I have no idea what I'm doing but I have one now and if anyone ever wants to talk, I'm up for it I love getting to know people and I'm given to understand discord is the preferred way now a days. I go by the same name I do here so I should be easy to find (I hope) my only concern is for it to stay text based rather than calls, at least for me. or try Nervousvampire#6379
Thank you all Posted 1 month ago
I'll be honest this month has been strange for me, I didn't even realize charismas was coming up and even less so that the year was about to come to it's end but with it coming up in under a week, so I wanted to say thank you all.
Thank you to all of my watchers who have been following my stories. To those who favorite them even if I don't say thank you directly. To those who have commissioned me I honestly never thought I'd see the day someone would pay me to do my hobby.

A specials thank you to PhantomWolf who was kind enough to help me get better at writing, pointing out my mistakes and ways I can improve and being willing to listen to my questioned that ranged from reasonable and valid to things that should have been obvious to me like what paypal was and how to use...
[ Continued ... ]
favorite monster girl type and waifu/husbandos Posted 1 month ago
okay everyone, my insatiable desire to ask random things for seemingly little to no reason is flaring up again so this time I'm asking two questions.

First who is your favorite (or top 3) waifu or husbando?

second what is your favorite type of monster girl and why? This one may actually be of some use for any future a day in a world of vore pieces I do
survey Posted 1 month ago
okay this one is another survey. What is your favorite of my stories, not series just story.
voting time Posted 1 month ago
okay so I'm going to do a shorter story for a game but I'm leaving it up to you all to decide which game it is.

Bloodborne or monster hunter world.
shirou's buffet finally Posted 2 months ago
Okay so I'm finishing Shirou's buffet finally but I have three endings in mind for how it will play out. Now should I make it one large piece with three endings or three parts to cover each ending?
waifus/husbandos and vore Posted 2 months ago
okay I have a bit of a strange question for those who have waifus or husbandos. What are your thoughts of them as prey?
Does your liking for them result in not wanting to see them as prey or does it just make you want to see them digested all the more, or perhaps prey but non fatally? I'm genuinely curious how one's affection for a character might effect on seeing that character in vore specifically the prey role.
vote time again 2 Posted 3 months ago
Okay I'm placing the vote on which on going series I should try continuing or even finishis I can. The votes aren't a hundred percent that i will but it will help me focus and tell me what you all want to see more.

monster musume: post proposal potluck (1 or 2 parts until it is done)

doki doki digesting club (ongoing)

it came from the pod (ongoing)

Shirou's buffet (one long piece until done)

Seras's hunt (on going)