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commission price increase. Posted 2 days ago
I will be raising the price of commissions slightly from seven dollars to ten dollars. It's not a significant increase but will still add a bit more for me to earn. I've been wanting to do this for a while since I've been thinking I've been undervaluing my work for a while, others have told me the same so I'm finally raising the price slightly
vote time again Posted 8 days ago
once again I have to many ideas and can't decide which to go with so I'm letting you all vote on which I cover or cover first.

the rising of the shield hero- filo and raphtalia decide to deal with the bitch malty

ADA- an admittedly short tumbler comic about an alien girl and her scientist girlfriend.

Helltaker- a harem of demon girls and an angel girl. this one has a ton of potential especially with azrael and modeus

vacation with mau pet- I did a story about this series before but I love doing anything to get Neji more attention

hellsing- micro seras and macro integra, Seras as a literal martini girl

seras vs moka- pretty simple n concept just seras from hellsing vs moka from rosario vampire

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a request/commission/trade Posted 3 weeks ago
I'm looking for someone who might be interested in doing a picture for me but sadly the price for most artist is more than I can spare. So I'm wondering if I can find someone who would be be interested in doing a request or trade. So if someone would be willing to, please pm me so we may discus it
BB's name Posted 3 weeks ago
Does anyone know what BB's name actually is in the fate series? My only exposure to her has been in grand order so if her true name was revealed i have no idea what it is. It just seems odd to me that her name really is BB rather than it being a alias or something. I want to know for a story I want to do later.
doki doki digesting club Posted 1 month ago
Okay I have completely forgotten my current plan for dddc but I still have the ending planned. so if anyone has a plot idea for chapter 4 feel free to suggest it because I want to do a dddc chapter but but I'm drawing a blank on ideas
fate poll part 2 Posted 2 months ago
okay fate fans who is the best daughter in the series?
fate poll Posted 2 months ago
okay fate fans. is fran a waifu or daughter to you?
grammerly Posted 3 months ago
is anyone else who uses grammerly having issues with it? Because It's barely working for me at the moment
questions for future writing. Posted 3 months ago
so These questions may not have an affect on future but they give me an idea what people prefer so feed back and explanation (if possible) is greatly appreciated.

first which writing style should I use in the future?
Pov where it's from your point of view.
omnipotent aka the way most of my stories are written now, without a single point of view.
or single character point of view like demon and neko dinner date where the story is told by someone in it limiting it to their thoughts.

shorter or longer stories. Both have pro's and cons so I want to know if people prefer my shorter and less detailed work or longer with more detail and fluff.

lastly what do people want to see more of?
Doki doki digesting club
one offs
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new stories. Posted 6 months ago
Okay I can't decide whether to do another one off or continue with one of the several series I already have started. So I am putting it up for you all to decide if it should be a one of or a series part and if a series part, what series deserves a new part.

the options are as follows.

one off.

one off fanfic

Feeding mashu

Shirou's buffet

it came from the pod

Seras's hunt

Doki doki digesting club

Monster museume: post proposal potluck