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Thank you all for 200K views! Posted 3 months ago
Very appreciated from me. I will try to give you all something nice before my laptop explodes.
Possible game in development Posted 4 months ago
Been a while.
I recently decided to at least try and make a game, and it's going pretty well so far! I'll keep the general content a secret for now as to not get anyone's hopes up, but it is going to be a vore game.
The one thing I really need is vore sound effects, so if anyone knows where to get these, lmk! (Need disposal too).
Discord might have had some issues. Posted 10 months ago
Anyway, I changed the username to pzu#9192.
Twitter for drawings Posted 11 months ago
If you are interested
I will be trying to also post in Japanese
Poll results are in Posted 11 months ago
Closing poll tomorrow at 12 pm. Posted 11 months ago
I will post the results here when they are in!
FGO girl prey tier list Posted 11 months ago
I opened a single slot Posted 1 year ago
If you're interested, please check my commissions tab.

In other news, I am getting better at drawing, but I still feel that I need to get better before posting my drawings here.

Additionally, I'm thinking about removing my drawings from my gallery at some point as I don't feel they fit in with the rest of my stuff, and they're just plain not up to the quality I want to put on my page. I'm not gonna remove them for at least a week, if at all, but save them if you really want to preserve them. Do not post them anywhere else, though. You can always ask me to send them over Discord, too.
New Year Plans Posted 1 year ago
Commissions are definitely not coming soon, but I'd say maybe in the long term.
I've been playing even more FGO lately, so feel free to add me on that if you like. My code is:
No new stories in the works yet, but I think my brain is cooking one up. Once I get farther ahead on my Abstract Math work, one may come along.
Placed Plat III in League placements on support. The state of the game is pretty boring right now, though. My name is pzooo on that, but don't count on me playing ranked all that much if you add me lol.
An update Posted 1 year ago
Thinking about setting up commissions in the future, but probably not for a while, as my current living situation is not ideal for writing obscure porn.
Other than that I’m still going strong trying to study, draw, and write!
Next story is gonna be really good, I think. Look forward to it >:)
Lastly, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing FGO. I love Euryale.
Oh and also, Senko-san and Hitoribocchi both getting anime adaptations. Couldn’t have asked for more this holiday season.
Happy holidays, whatever/if you celebrate!