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Dang, Sanic! He UGLY, Mang! XD Posted 1 year ago
Oh my goodness, what can I say about the alledged design for Sonic? What even is that abomination!? Is STH a horror franchise out of a sudden, or the guys in charge just got tragically shitfaced with booze, crack cocaine and antidepressants? Jokes aside, I think that the supposed leaked design is absurdely ugly, not to mention the huge derparture from the cartoony blue hedgehog we learned to like throughout the years... If people freaked out about his arms on Sonic Boom, the shitstorm that will ensue over this will litter the internet with Chris Chan-grade reeeeing for centuries!

Really, what were they thinking!? I believe that thing is so fucked up that not even Elise would kiss it. Even at gunpoint.
Stuff I Don't Really Understand Posted 1 year ago
As some of you might know, I'm kinda new to this niche. While I was aware of vore and what it was, my first true contact with it was when I was asked to make an unbirth commission thing, and some of the reference given came from this site. After drawing it, and without any other place to display the image, I created an account to see if anyone other than my client would like it and, to my surprise it was well received (almost 4.5k views, 74 faves). Oddly enough, the other things I uploaded don't seem to be of anyone's taste, and I'm at a loss trying to understand why... I can't draw things that people enjoy if I have no clue of what they like and what makes a drawing noteworthy. Any feedback on that? If you have any thoughts to share, please do so! Cheers!
A Comic? Posted 1 year ago
I was wondering if people would be interested in a comic I'd make. It'd feature a generous ammount of tentacles.