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Adoption Posted 6 months ago

Thanks for the feedback regarding the adoption~
I made three OC-s, the auction can be found here: https://aryion.com/g4/view/554046

If this goes well, I may do more adoptions like this in the future~
Question Posted 6 months ago
Hey everyone!

Just uploaded an artwork of a masked faun girl:

My question is:
Would you want me to make adoptables based on this race? If there's demand I planned on doing 3 more OC's wich could go up in auction

If there's any questions regarding them, feel free to ask!
Vore day vote Posted 7 months ago
Hai again, redfrog here!

For vore day I decided to make a voting championship thingie, featuring 8 of my characters~

The first round can be found here, if you have a favorite, be sure to vote~
vore day Posted 7 months ago
Heya all, happy vore day!



I'm a bit late... Well, no matter, I was just letting you know I didn't forget it, I was just busy with commissions, irl stuff, and some lazyness

But! Something is coming, I hope sooner than later, something that I havent done before~

Stay tuned, and happy (late) vore day again!
Help needed Posted 2 years ago
Hey guys!

A friend of mine needs some help, and they're offering emergency commissions, $10 each. If nothing else, just read it:

Every little bit counts!
Update Posted 2 years ago
Hey guys!

As some of you may noticed, the uploads has been slowed down a bit. This has some reasons, but its nothing serius, don't worry!

First, I got a job. It takes some free-time away, but nothing serius.
Second, There was a time lately when by private reasons I was away from my PC, recently I'm back at it.
Finally, the main reason, I have some projects underway, and I'll wait for them to finish before I start uploading them. (One is pretty close to being finished)

As always, thanks for the support!
Birthday Posted 2 years ago
Just wanted to say that today is my birthday!

The 21st to be exact, and I hope to continue working on my animations, and if things go well, commissions!

As always, thanks for the support!

EDIT: Thanks to all who wished me happy birthday!
Same size animation, and Commission changes Posted 2 years ago
Hey all!

After the 3rd try, I finally made a same size swallowing animation, this is a huge achievement for me, check it out: https://aryion.com/g4/view/435669

The other thing I wanted to say is: I made some changes to my commission changes; now I accept commissions for anthro characters, and micro swallow sequences!
(I'm still trying out theese things, so give them some time)

Thanks for all the support!
300 000 Total views! Posted 2 years ago
Yay, we reached the third milestone (I guess)!

So I upladed a weight gain animation, focusing on breast and butt expansion.

I want to tell, that I started using a new program, the reworked Serenity animation was made by it already. (Some already started animations will be made with the old one)
I also plan on making another char creator, and additional endings to Serenity's micro interactive!

As always, thanks for all the favorites, watches, and most importantly, comments!
Now on Deviantart Posted 2 years ago
So yeah, I created a Deviantart account too, and I uploaded some of my stuff there (with some quick-made bikinis on).
I'm still lost there, but eventually I'll figure it out how to do things, but Eka's will remain as my main page.

go check it out: https://redfrog563.deviantart.com/

If you have any of my stuff you really want people to see, and it's not yet uploaded there, just ask, and I may add it :)