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Reopening Commissions Posted 2 years ago
Alas, TAXES are now hitting me. Property taxes. No fun. Therefore, to help pay for them, I'm reopening commissions again. Real life always comes first. That's what I've always said.
Commissions Closed For Now Posted 2 years ago
For those whom I'm currently in the middle of work, don't worry, I will complete ones I have already started. Otherwise, I apologize. I need to close them down for now, and focus more on my increased in-real-life workload, I'll be working extra hours, and won't have a single day free. The hospital will take up my weekends and the school will take up my weekDAYS.
Summer Commission Work Posted 2 years ago
For the next few weeks, until July, I will have much more free time to work on commissions, save for the weekend, when I will be working at the hospital. So I want to remind those watching me I have slots open and am willing to write just about anything, provided I either am familiar with the material or I'm given enough of a good outline to work off of. Take care!
Advertising for a Friend Posted 3 years ago
I'm here to advertise for someone who's done some great art pieces for me, and who can really use some support. So I'm here to plug their Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Goldenfeather17

GoldenFeatherDen, aka Bubble Kitten, has done quite a few commission pieces for me, and I highly encourage all of you to give a little to her if you can. :D
Re-Opening Commissions Posted 3 years ago
I've got some time free, so now I can re-open commissions again. :D
Will Close Down Commissions For A While Soon Posted 3 years ago
I fully intend to finish the ones I've been given, but after that, I'm going to close them down for a little while so I can work on my own stories. Having to juggle commission work AND my own stuff is a real hassle, especially with a full-time job.
Ghostbusters 2016 STILL Sucks Posted 3 years ago
Stop trying to pretend it was good. Look, I get it. People want to see more women in leading roles, and they should. Women ought to be in more science-fiction films. Women ought to be recognized as being perfectly capable of being funny as men.

This film still sucks. It’s torn between wanting to do its own thing, which it’s not funny enough to be, and trying to repeat the same beats as the original Ghostbusters, whilst insulting the original audience of the previous franchise. It reminds me of that part in the Bible, Revelations, where Jesus talks about “you are neither hot, nor cold, so I wish to spit you from my mouth”.

Because it can’t be either one, it makes me want to puke. The pacing was off. The jokes were subpar. The material wasn’t gripping, the special...
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My Country is Full of Idiots. Posted 3 years ago
How did this happen?

...how in the HELL did this happen?!

I could bring up things like Wikileaks interfering, with the obvious implications that Russia was doing so as well. I could bring up how the DNC played favorites, favoring Hillary over Bernie in many ways. I could go further with the primary stuff, saying that Bernie being unable to connect with minorities the way he did with the Youth Vote also kept him from winning, for if he HAD connected, then he might have pulled an Obama and beaten Hillary in the primaries like he did. After all, she was the favorite back then, but lost to Obama cuz of his message and connections he made. I could, perhaps, bring up the scandals, some legit, others not. The Clinton Foundation? It DOES look sleazy. Not illegal, but...
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Updated Commission Price Posted 3 years ago
I've decided that though I love writing, I need to update my pricing to something more fair and more in keeping with other artists on the site. Now it's a fifteen dollar flat rate for all stories, this way I can cover the Paypal fees more easily.
New Twitter Posted 3 years ago
I've decided to set up a new Twitter account. I had to leave my old one behind, now I can begin anew, a fresh start. Here's the link! https://twitter.com/SaintHeartwing