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Character Poll for Getting Art! Posted 6 months ago
Hello again, everyone. College being college has kept me from being able to write as much as I'd like to, so I've been hoping to make up for my lack of posting with a bit of content related to my characters and such, in the meantime. The only problem is that I have so many characters, it makes it difficult to choose who I should get art of! Therefore, as I do with most things, I figure it'd be best for me to leave it up to a poll to try and determine who would work best for it, in kind of and indirect poll silly way. Determine what you'd like to see most by voting in the poll below!

Note: You may notice a glaring omission from this poll... There's a good reason for it. Stay tuned~
Opening a Few Short Story Slots! Posted 1 year ago
Hello again! I've been pretty inactive in terms of writing due to college stuff that has been happening to me lately, but I need a little bit of spending money within the next three weeks. Therefore, I decided that I should help kill two birds with one stone by opening a few commission slots!

The only catch this time is that I will not write anything longer than 3,500 words, or 25 dollars, per story. This is because I do not have much time in general, both not much free time to write these stories, and not much time until I will need the money. If you'd like to take a slot, just send me a note!

What I will and won't do, along with pricing info: ...
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New Twitter Account to Replace Blogs Posted 2 years ago
Heyoooo again, anyone reading this. I know I post a lot of journals, and I figure that it's getting annoying to see em' pop up in anyone's feed. On top of that, I also feel like I'm not saying as much as I probably could, with my reader interaction being very minimal. This is especially difficult because I don't think I will be able to do much writing in the near future, as my summer is coming to a close and I will be returning to college quite soon. All this is why I figured it would in my best interest to make a Twitter account to use more often.

There, I will be able to retweet other art or stories that I find nice enough to share, possibly advertise some of my stuff that is a little bit difficult to do with a single post to this site, and chat with basically anyone who...
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Another What-Should-I-Do Poll Posted 2 years ago
Hey there, everyone! It's been over a year and a half since my last poll for ideas, and I figure now is a pretty good time to do one again. I've got every single commission I could manage to do off of my plate, save for one or two that will become present at some point in the future. Therefore, I'm left once again at a loss for what I should be doing. I feel like doing all these commissions and such has been exhausting for most folks that follow my content, given how drastically different they were in terms of how I typically write things.

And thus, it's time for another poll to answer questions. Two, actually.

The first poll is a more general what-to-do, poll. More personal writing, explore writing interactive stories, commissioning art, and focusing on more...
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70 Favorites on One Pic? Thanks a Ton! Posted 2 years ago
Damn! I'm kinda overwhelmed by how much attention the Val pic I got from Saint has received in just one day. 70 favorites is probably the most I've ever had on a single post to this site, with the second story I ever posted on the site somewhere right behind it. And that's been up for two years! Definitely makes me wish I had the capacity to do my own digital art, pfff. Still, I can't stress enough how thankful I am for one upload of mine getting this much attention. I'm probably going to have to get more commissions like it in the future!
Opening Up Commission Slots Again! Posted 2 years ago
Yep, commissions are open again! I've already discussed my plans for this one in my most recent journal before this. Basically, I've got six slots this time, everything is still 5 dollars per thousand words, and anyone who got a slot last time won't be able to participate until next time for fairness.

If you need further information on all of this, be sure to check my first commission journal for an explanation of sorts:

My last journal before this one also gives a brief retrospective on what I've done already and learned. If it isn't all helpful enough in terms of questions you might still have, feel free to ask me and...
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That's a Wrap! 1st Commissions Done, 2nd Batch Info Posted 2 years ago
Well, with the posting of my most recent story, "Two-Horse Meal", I've finally finished all of the slots for commissions! Including all the weird small in-between ones. After all of this, I'm able to reflect on how everything went, and am able to say what worked and what didn't. As well as what will be changing when I open up again very soon.

The full profits from this little venture turned out to be over $150 in total, which isn't too shabby at all! At the same time, the amount of effort I put into these stories per every one that I write is having me realize how low my pricing truly is. Therefore, and I hate to say this, I will be pushing up my prices very slightly in the future. The new pricing scheme will be $7 per thousand words. However, this will not always be...
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Commissions Update! Plus, a CuriousCat! Posted 2 years ago
Hello again, and so soon! I'm happy to report that commissions seem to be working well so far, with one short story finished, two still currently in the processing phase of things, and one last free open slot for anyone to take for the time being. Once that slot is taken up, I will not decide to re-open my commissions until after I'm finished writing the three stories. If you like my stories, be sure to check out my most recent on my FurAffinity of the same name for an example of a super short 7 dollar one!

My commission info can be found in my previous blog, here.

Also, have you ever had any burning questions about me, my characters, or anything else? Well, now you can ask me any question you want, anonymously or not, over at my new CuriousCat! Link's right here:...
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Cautiously Opening Up 3 Writing Slots! Posted 2 years ago
Hello again! Here I am, actually trying something new for once. :U

So, the title says it all. I've now decided that I want to open up for story commissions. I'll update my FA profile accordingly to demonstrate my three open slots, and will detail everything that you need to know about getting a writing commission from me right here.

The first topic to tackle: What will I be willing to write? Here's a short little list:

I WILL write about: Vore, scat, gasplay, desperation, sex, my own characters, your characters, canon characters that I'm already familiar with (typically video game things), and just about anything in between on those fronts.

I WON'T write about: Canon characters I barely know anything about, other people's...
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Happy Holidays! Now, where's the bird been? Posted 2 years ago
Looking back now, I guess the year wasn't as productive as I would've hoped to be. I did dabble a little bit with digital art for a while, before ultimately coming to the decision that it wasn't for me, and shelved it all for the time being. Besides the drawings, I've only submitted 7 stories in the past twelve months. (Only 4 stories on Eka's. And one of those is still a roleplay log.)

As for what I've been doing in the meantime, you can blame college finals and Smash Bros, at the exact same time. Both of which are now in the past, in terms of how distracting they are to me.

On the bright side, I do actually have two more vore stories left to submit this year, before welcoming in 2019! The first one is actually a collab between another good friend of mine, a...
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