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Permanent Hiatus Posted 9 months ago
Hey all.

Last thing I posted was about putting things on hiatus a year ago. It’s quite obvious to me that it’s become more permanent at this point. Work leaves me with no motivation to write nor much time to or to commission anything.

Cheers and thanks again to everyone who watched me and commissioned me in the past. I’m not closing my account or anything but the chance of me uploading again is very low. Maybe that’ll change in the future.

Temporary Commission Hiatus Posted 2 years ago
Hey everyone. Thank you to all who have expressed interests in commissioning me in the past few weeks, though I have an update regarding the commission situation. Currently, I've started a new job which takes up most of my time on the weekdays, so for the next few weeks or month I will be putting a temporary stop to accepting any commissions. I still plan on doing any stories that I have accepted prior to this moment, but will not take on any more for now until I can work out a schedule that gives me time to relax after work and still put progress into stories.

Again, a big thank you to all of my readers, commissioners, friends, and more.
Writing Commissions Open Posted 2 years ago
I'm opening up two or so slots for some writing commissions. My rates are $10 per 1,000 words, or $5 per 500.

I will not write anything involving diapers, scat eating, or vomiting. There is more I am iffy on doing but those are the main things that come to mind at the moment. If anything else comes up during discussion with potential clients I'll inform them and then edit it in here.

At the moment I am unsure about doing anything related to macro/micro vore but may write it if the idea interests me enough. If you are interested in getting a macro/micro story hit me up with the idea in a PM and I'll think it over.

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Hi Again Posted 2 years ago
I'm back, at least more regularly now.

The past few years haven't been the best. I've been away and been neglecting responsibilities here during it, and so for that I apologize.

I'm going to be uploading the collection of commissions I've had over the next few days and will likely be opening for writing commissions soon.

Thank you everyone.