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Always Thank you guys Posted 8 months ago
Always thank you for love my characters!
May the Windy be with you..
I got slump.. Posted 1 year ago
See u later..
Remember Today Posted 2 years ago
Who fought for freedom..
WTF Posted 2 years ago
Can’t understand when I upload drawing, It uploaded with weird direction..
Is there anybody Posted 3 years ago
Who want to know more about my OC?
I will try to re-upload drawings again.. Posted 3 years ago
I took pictures which I uploaded things in urgent situation..
So There quality is looks like worse than real..
in this weekend, I have go out

so in these time, I will try to took them again,and upload again too..
Sorry for inconvenience..
Today is Seollal Posted 3 years ago
Seollal, Korean New Year's Day, Lunar New Year's Day

Yeah.. Even I'm in Army and Can't meet family right now,
Yesterday.. I talked with my family by use phone(Phone booth not cell phone)...
Yeah, It's little sad but while I using phone, I joined with them..
Have good day guys!
May the force be with you ^^
Some Ideas about vore pic.. Posted 3 years ago
That is Just simple..
Windshear drunk so much beers and
devours bandits,bad guys in drunken..
I wanna go home Posted 3 years ago
This place is so stressful more and more days..(I'm in army)
I wanna get enough time which I can have free and rest(drawing pics too)
But..I can't ignore this stressful situations..
Only I can get power to resist these things is Believe god and looking my wolf,android girls on my drawing notes..