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Still writing! More content coming reasonably soon! Posted 1 month ago
I'm in the midst of writing a few extremely long stories! Once those are done I'll be opening up commissions yet again!

In the mean time, the Pinkspace Discord server has a NEW URL!

Join if you want to chat with a bunch of chill people! I love you!
Hello friends!

I'm chillin' out and hard at work! I haven't been releasing stories according to my schedule recently, but that's because the ones I'm working on are EXTRA LONG! It'll more than make up for the missed week!

ANYWAY! If you'd like to keep up with my content and chill out with like-minded people, join my Discord server! It's an active space where like-minded people chill out and share stuff! There's room for everyone!
NEW MWF RELEASE SCHEDULE Posted 3 months ago
Hi there, sweeties!

As the title of the blog post states, be ready for VORE STORIES every



The release time on those days will vary, so if I get one out at 11:59PM on Friday night, that still counts!

Enjoy and remember to LEAVE COMMENTS AND FOLLOW! <3
Hello lovelies!

As the title of the blog post says, my comms are opening again! I will be accepting new slots!

The way it works is as such: I will assign you to a slot and within that slot, you can have as many stories as you please. I will not move to the next slot until you are satisfied!

This is my second batch and, after learning a lot from the first one, I will be sure to get to everyone in a timely manner!

Contact me here or via email at [email protected] for more information!
I co-wrote a vore video! Watch it! It's amazing!! Posted 1 year ago
Hey again! Just letting everyone know that I co-wrote a vore video with Paramouth Pictures! It is called "YOUR NEW HOME" and it is AMAZING!

It is F/f unwilling with shrinking, OF COURSE! Starring the beautiful MISS KOLE!


PH link:
Google Drive:

No prey voice:
PH link:
Google Drive:
I have a Discord server! Join THE INNER HAVEN Posted 1 year ago
Hello there, my sweets!

If you enjoy talking about vore (Specifically giantess! But there are other channels as well!) then may I interest you in


My Discord server! We're chill and welcoming! Lots of pictures and discussion!

Hope to see you there!
New Ko-Fi! Help support future content! Posted 1 year ago

Hi there!

Thank you so much for watching my content! I appreciate every one of you.

The fact that you enjoy my work enough to read these words is truly incredible to me. These works would not be possible without you and your support.

I am setting up a tip jar at the top and bottom of this blog post. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated and will help support future content outside of commissioned works. By doing this, you will help motivate future posts and ideas so I can continue this work with no long hiatuses!

Again, thank you for reading this! Thank you for the support!