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Hmmm... Posted 5 months ago
I just ran into a caveat.

One that will essentially force me to stop my current short story series, if I allow it of course.

So, apparently, real-life based settings with real people, are not allowed here, no matter the context.

Heh. So, now that I know this, that really limits my creative abilities here because...


I delicately integrate real-life people into pretty much any story I've ever written. I did this with a lot of my Final Fantasy fan-fiction, if not almost all of it.

Example: In a series I wrote, Terra Branford along with Celes Cheré, Locke Cole and Relm Arrowny all end up trapped in a future, and meet someone that eventually becomes a centerpoint person to them,...
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More Random Stuffs... Posted 6 months ago
Well, I'm getting extractions done, and they're not fun...well, yeah; the procedure itself is relatively short (in comparison with wait time), but the recovery? It's a long process and riddled with pain. It's very, very draining, especially since it affects my sleep.

But even with all that, I managed to finish the next chapter of Alexis, The Vorarephile Transgirl, but I actually am going to write out more before I release it, because it's come to the point where it's time for a certain thing to happen in the story, and I want to simultaneously release that part as a separate and skippable segment, if readers of my story series aren't interested in that aspect. So, Chapter 04 is done, but not ready for release, not just...
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Random Stuffs Posted 8 months ago
I'm hoping to finish my next chapter in my story series. But I keep running into problems, like creative drive issues, people thinking they can control me and limit what I say or do, online and offline, but a_lot more of the latter, even if the former is just as problematic, as well as the weather. Sweet Fucking MERCY.

This damned humidity, ooh it can go sit and spin on a pike! That and I don't like it when there's lots of lightning around...when I'm walking my very old pug, Oscar. Ya see, I have a short leash; if I get struck, so will he. I may survive it, but it would kill Oscar, and believe me, darling, that would cause a lot of drama later on down the line. Drama, that...
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Nope. No title. Posted 1 year ago
As a ham gets steamed in the late afternoon sun, a bird loses it's wings and becomes a biped.

Linux is free Operating System software.

I like crocodiles; like being inside them even more...

Women and transgirls with pretty lips make me so hot and bothered...

I'll always be very jealous of Doris Foodle...

Skirts rule and jeans drool...

Lipstick is for everyone...

I love the classic video games as much as I do more modern titles...

I will love Tetris until the day I exist no more...

Godot epicureans nolan afrit out imperials amidic aegis via va mf...

Fellas aeneid manhole motto pc we entailer logotype kronen creche...

Sterols lustily didn't wahoo hoof...
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Yeah, not okay... Posted 2 years ago
I mean, seriously, sometimes, it does genuinely feel like one or more individuals go through age old things (mostly the insignificant and irrelevant stuff that means next to nothing if nothing at all), just to throw them in your face.

It's not funny, or even intelligent to do, yet people do this anyway. It's mind-numbingly bland, to be honest.

I mean, it is one thing when if it has any relevance or is something that is in some form or another, offensive or negative, but not this time, not to mention it is just plain old, and forgotten entirely.

It sure as beans makes me feel unwelcome, and furthermore, uncomfortable, unnerved, and incredibly depressed. It seriously is just...not okay.
When the bias becomes a weapon... Posted 2 years ago
So, this is what happens when one person says something stupid, and one after another, people dump their weight onto his shoulders, when they are not entitled to. This is one of many reasons why I support private development; there's no risk of biased public outcry.

I'm glad Velocity Gaming has chosen to undergo private development, and I wish him the best of luck.

No, I'm not his friend, just a former dev team member, who will gladly assist again, should he ask me, because I am kind and caring, unlike some many others.

He was very kind to me, and even when he went into a rant, rather than try to stop him, I listened. I did what a person with a...
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I am sick of being trolled! Posted 2 years ago
Straight forward and to the point.

No one gets to troll me anymore.

I will act without warning. You will be reported, and you will be blocked.

I have done this to three trolls already, and will not hesitate to make sure that the trolls have no quarter.

I am here to enjoy myself. However, if some of you don't like me, that is fine. Just...don't screw with me, got it!?

So, we're done here. Don't troll me, anymore. My tolerance level of this garbage is zero.

The next time I get a board warning because I got trolled, I won't be nice or civil about it. Don't screw with me.

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Vore Roleplay plus rants and bitchslapping Posted 3 years ago
I'm not fond of the system of roleplay advertising; you get one thread, and it cannot be bumped when you need it to be.

Also, it seems that those who would rather participate in opposing gender roleplays would just as quickly not even give mine a look.

I've had two offers, one from someone whose English is too awful to even give a response to.

And then there's one individual on here whom had promised that we'd RP for a long time, and we never got to. Hell, I wonder if she ever intended on keeping that promise.

So, in this blog entry, this link here below this sentence will permalink to my Roleplay ad, because it will get lost otherwise (way to go Eka for screwing that up).

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Creation Mediums Posted 4 years ago
So, this is a list of software I use for all my creative ventures (vore and non-vore alike):

RPG Maker (for Sony PlayStation)
RPG Maker XP (I use the music library for the most part)
RPG Maker VX Ace (Really great software)
MS Word/Excel (when I have access to this - I do not at the moment)
Apache Open Office (a replica of MS Office)
EOF (Editor on Fire - a chart maker for Frets on Fire, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero)
Phase Shift (Basically a PC clone of Rock band 3 - all open source and perfect for previewing any charts made through EOF)
Audacity (Music Studio Freeware)
Windows Live Movie Maker (almost all my YouTube videos were made with this)
Fruity Loops Studio (Instrument Plug-ins for those who...
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