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Disaster in March:RL fire burned down apartment Posted 2 years ago
Thanks to negligence by our landlord my apartment of 35 years burned down on march 12. Since it took 12 hours to get the blaze "Under control" Water damage was extensive, the sixth floor no longer existed, and t he whole building had to be condemned and the vast majority of my possessions were ruined(Any large furniture was a total loss, anything with fabric as well, countless smaller things). We did have insurance but it hardly covers everything and will fight to get what we can from them. The results have really sunk my depression down.

We now have a place to live, nothing as nice as were we were, and more expensive as well. Thats stable, but mentally I don't know if I'll ever really fully recover, its still alot of mental anguish even this many months away. ...
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Lions got pokemon X Posted 7 years ago
Means Fater leo, but figured I'd put my friend code here for my cronies to take a gander at
be responsible or giant lions will do unspeakable things to you
Vore Games in RL-Con Posted 8 years ago
Well had been thinking, a dangerous hobby I know, but after my last year at AC I think i've come across a fun little game/scavenger hunt that does not dwell into the realm of creepy much at all. If folks can somehow see this as worse than PG, please tell me because I can't. Its mainly been an intellectual exercise that might help folks recognize eachother on first times as well..

Pred/prey games at cons-- in the con themselves. Wearing a specific badge makes you part of the game(You are what I eat) for pred, (Eat me) for prey, (Eat or be eaten) for pred/preys.
The game commences and as folks walk around if a predator sees a prey they tap that player on the shoulder show there badge and just take em aside and say how there gobbling em up, playfully taunting them,...
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Girthday approaches may 30 Posted 9 years ago
Well its that time of year again, another year on this earth happens on may 30th, and its going to be a strange one, not half a year after dad died..and he was deathly ill the past two times too(Well the first time we found out he was terminal, the second was a near thing) it has made these days rather hard... and yet, deep down I yearn for the optimism, And what better way to use a cute little typo rather than feast day... although I expect to do both. Not the least I plan to dine at my first con.. see you all there... and your welcome to share my tummy room
The List, Con goer hunting time Posted 9 years ago
Well its finally set in fully, the ol lion is going to a con, and gotta start getting things done to prepare, airfare, offical registration, and planning what to bring, all very basic things that shouldn't be to hard, but the real point of this entry is to see offically which of my friends are going, I've got a smattering of replies from the other post of course, but would like to have a list all one one place so I know who to mEAT at AC.
Ravenous Lions Going to Anthro Con this Year Posted 9 years ago
It's official, Leo, Gallows, Posh and all the rest will be attending AC this year in Pittsburgh in mid June, Got my hotel settled yesterday. Got a good deal on one about half a mile away, wanted a solo room for my first time and couldn't just afford the on site

Why am I nervous with a slight mix of terror? Well I've always been painfully shy in person, and this will be the first time on a voyage since dad died, making it feel more scary. Guess there is always the fear about meeting folks you've never seen in person either, not much to be done about that.

In the end though I will be there, nice and cozy in a private room... filled with friends met and devoured , cuz whatever else a big lions gotta eat, shy or not.. best way to cure that shyness with folks is...
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A time to Mourn Posted 9 years ago
After spending evening and early morning at the hospital the situation for my father has reached its end, after a long battle with cancer the death is imminent. The pneumonia was just to much for his body to fight off this time, the leukemia had run its course so thoroughly on his leukemia weakened condition there was almost nothing non cancerous left in the blood. Its been a marvel he has survived so long.. but even so the family here is feeling the shock. I'm sure the'll be many tough days for me in the future, as for my mother.. but life will go on.(probably won't reply here for a while, just taking a lot out of me to write this) He was a wonderful father and a great person
Fresh Starts and the like Posted 10 years ago
Been looking through my Gallery and its beyond cumbersome and disorganized, i'm strongly thinking of fully redesigning the structure. If you like drawings , especailly those that are less polished PLEASE back them up in the next month or so, I am debating just cleaning house and reuploading thigns
Prayers and Thoughts for lion Father Posted 11 years ago
Serious time here But the players been having some serious real life problems family wise, my fathers been diagnoised with mild Leukemia, and everything is happening so fast its real scary. This week especially when early in the week I found out he'd have to have chemo and eventually a marrow transplant, to this morning where I found out there going to have him in start Chemo Monday and keep him in the hospital for a month . At least its in one of the top cancer hospitals in the states and I guess there hurrying things up so they have the best chance at a cure. But it is beyond shocking my system..

will probally amend this later, as I get enough focus to write, talking about it is pretty hard so at least here i can foward people to it ...
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Art requests,Trades and the like Posted 12 years ago
Figured i'd leave a note on the blog here, asking what any viewers might like to see.. and of course, the specter of art trading, been mostly posting to FA lately.. maybe i'll get things back here soon