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Blasts from the past Posted 14 years ago
Just a paws up, put up the old leos alt form pics, thought i did them a long time ago, but i figure better late than never.. still think i'm missing a few actually
Magic The Gathering.... the tendrils just snag you back Posted 14 years ago
Well thanks to a friend who shall remain nameless got me to play a few rounds(using the snazy apprentice program so i don't have to sort through those old card archives or buy any of the new stuff.. Heck last expansion i remembered was Mirage(started around antiquities) but the game is still fun as is the deck design(Which i have to figure out what is legal again.) not the best player, but do alright. I still remember my core lessons and the roots of how to play well, its just the massive numbers of new cards to learn/relearn

now some questions.
Anyone who has read this try MTG online, Even thought its a real money investment to get in it looks like a delicious way to try out things with a huge number of people.

and more blatantly, any other...
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The drilling is done, the nocivane is off and.. oww.. but go Posted 14 years ago
Just got out of the specialists office a while ago, and though since the novicane has worn off there is a huge soreness on the whole left side of the mouth she said that was to be expected. have a prescription for some pretty strong painkiller, but trying a couple tylanool first,rather avoid getting to drugged.
Procedure was quick(about a hour), nearly painless, not pleasant by any means but its true, the rumors and myths about it being monstrous are really just that.

Kinda outa it still ,but thats to be expected, just watch out world... i'll be back with a vengeance.. .or burpance
Pain in the lions jaws Posted 14 years ago
This might be yet another reason i won't be productive (or GASP creative) for a bit.)
Mr. Root Canal hath come and he isn't happy, woke up today with pain, now it comes and goes. went to the dentist and was advised to have a root canal.. Its quite unpleasant for many reasons.
Obviously the flare up in pain isn't good, and since i'm worried about it the pain gets a psychosomatics increase it seems. I obsessive over things and focus on them way to much. Not a good trait i know
Secondly is the first step with the specialist is a consultation in other words one visit before anything actually gets done, i'd sorta like to get the procedure over with and the pain releved. so really might be weeks till i get the actually stuff started. Not to much i can do about it Not one to...
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Something A Bit new for the New Year Posted 14 years ago
I finally bit the bullet and spent the mind numbing time of redesigning my character list page, every character name has species appended to it, making sorting amazingly easier. Already all the species folders have been sorted with the current creatures, Sexes to follow most likely. I'm leaving the old parts up for now so people can still see the newest, but that will be heading away except for the most recent month of characters, the removed ones will always still be in the proper species folder of course.;O=D
Liony Depression Posted 15 years ago
Life sucks, really RL has become a total madhouse, family infighting and bitchy cousins who enjoy causing pain and abusing, the fact that there is money involved just makes it impossible to say "F that" and make a clean break, or even encourage that method. More info can be found on my LJ or FA.

Not really a good reason not to be productive here, cause it was like that before hand, i just feel that everything rl is grinding down my normal good natured personality. Maybe, when this is all over i'll be more open again.
The ponderings of an insane mind Posted 15 years ago
Mmm well after my attempt at actually doing a real drawing in the new style maybe i'm getting a self inflated ego, but i'm proud of it even if not perfect, that being said i'm wondering if the best way to get out the word about my various characters(which i seem to be able to craft some very intesting personalities is to link them with a drawing, challanging and time comsuming sure, but i doubt many peolpe really pay attention to my character archive. Would it help? I don't know, but there are some artists out there i seek to impress(well not impress, more like not look like a total idiot in front of)
Characters, Freinds and Artits.. Oh MY Posted 15 years ago
Characters, A quick Primer on my core characters, give casual viewers a quick look at who stars in alot
Leo- Giant male lion, gluttonous, greedy, sometimes perverse, but deep down he is sorta a softie, willing to try almost anything to see how it goes. Shows alot of curiosity

Smudge. Lioness, insataible, counterpart of leo, apparently more cunning and slighlty more agressive. Will use her femine whiles to lure many people into her stomach

Pouncer.- Non anthro panther, no real language, playful and innocnet, and a giant hungry beast, playful and oddly flexible. Somewhat trainable but seems to be on the move constantly. Other panthers can sometimes understand what he is saying, as can Leo.

Gallows-Hard ass buff otter, smart agressive,...
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Taking drawing requests(just a copy of the message board pos Posted 15 years ago
Well i know i'm nothing compared to many of the artists here, but i draw and offer my services to those who wish to have drawings done. preferably drawings that aren't just "draw my character". I like to make thigns interesting afterall. The more detail and intrest in a drawing the more likely it'll come out well

One of the main reasons I am doing this is to meet more people and feel more apart of the community.. Like to meet new freinds(New artists and Writers are of course an added benifit). Though my Rp skills reputation seems to get around(go fig) its something i can't share with everyone, drawing at least shows a window into the soul for all.

Rules i put out for my requests
1nothing explict(people who know my work know this rather well)
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THe Artist Lion Is on Posted 15 years ago
Drawing up a storm! So i'm more than open for art trades and requests, so to those who read this blog, feel free to make em. I'll try to do alot.

P.S.expect alot of drawings in the near future, i THINk i'm improving, but who am i to judge, i draw for a certain group afterall