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Anthrocon 2019 Posted 1 year ago
Hey followers and such,

Currently I'm attending Anthrocon 2019, so if you happen to be there this weekend, feel free to find me and say hi or let me know that you'd like to hang out at some point here.

I may also show up at the Kink Writing panel late on Friday night to talk about writing vore and other kinks.

You can find me by looking for this maw on badges:
(Artist Credit: BlondeVelvet)

Hope to see some of you there!
Father's Day Father vore Sale on Smashwords Posted 1 year ago
Hello once again followers and readers,

As I did with Mother's Day, I'm celebrating Father's Day with a coupon code good for 50% off of 3 Father Vore stories on my Smashwords store.

Until Father's Day, Sunday June 16th, use coupon code: FL94Q for half-off the usual price of Father Vore stories including:

A Father's Hunger (M/M, Father/Son, Same-Size, Full Incest, Willing, Digestion, Implied Disposal)
Smashwords Link:

Weekend with Stepdad (M/M, Stepfather/Stepson,...
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Mothers' Day Mother Vore Sale on Smashwords Posted 1 year ago
Hello my followers,

In celebration of the week before Mothers' Day, I've set up a coupon code good for 50% off of 4 Mother Vore stories on my Smashwords store.

Up until Mothers' Day, Sunday May 12th, use coupon code: RN67L for half-off the standard price of Mother Vore including:

Son of a Succubus (F/M, Mother/Son, Same-Size, Full Incest, Semi-Willing, Implied Digestion)
Smashwords Link:

Experiments (F/M, Mother/Son, Shrinking, Full Incest,...
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Whelp, No More Patreon Posted 2 years ago
Got hit by Patreon's recent spate of suspending accounts that have strange adult material because they feel the need to moralize and protect fictional characters to please investors or whatever reason. Given that I've had to pause and not charge folks more often than not lately due to not being able to get the time to write the way I want to, I'm just letting it go. The format apparently wasn't working for the way my schedule has been the last several months, so maybe I'll actually get some other things done when I'm not stressing about the fact that Patreon work isn't getting its time. Here's hoping.

I appreciate the hell out of everyone that tried to support me on there and was patient with me in the multiple times I had to pause the account. I'll still be supporting the...
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Fairy Tale High Coming to Monthly Patreon Posted 3 years ago
Hey watchers and others!

I've hit a goal on my Patreon, and that's good news for anyone that enjoyed the short "The Three Big Pigs" from my Nomvember Challenge. The Fairy Tale High setting from that story will now be a monthly theme on my Patreon. This will include direct follow-ups to that short and stories with other fairy tale character high-schoolers getting involved in the shenanigans that you'd expect. There will also be occasional votes on which characters for follow next in the stories that come out once a month.

Also, thanks to one top-tier patron, there will be another theme added to the 4th week of every month: Secret/Abduction Vore. These will be monthly shorts of vore that happens in public right under people's noses or abductions that lead...
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Currently On My Patreon Posted 3 years ago
Just a short list of what's already been uploaded to my Patreon for anyone wondering what they'd see on there.

Edible Ladies - Kenneth's Fantasy — M/F, Non-Fatal, Roleplay, Furry
Kenneth is a rabbit who orders a plump coyote from the restaurant to fulfill a particular fantasy after a rough day at work. Though he's a little nervous, Sandra helps him enjoy his fantasy.

Weekend with Stepdad — M/M, Fatal, Unwilling, Pseudo-incest, Furry
Sean, a gay white tiger, is a little nervous about his first weekend completely alone with his stepfather Terry. But on the very first night, there will be a few surprises in store.

Quest of the Zodiac Part 1: Snake — ?/M, Non-Fatal, Unwilling, Fairy Tale Style
After his education is complete, Li begins...
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Housekeeping and New Patreon Project Posted 3 years ago
So I don't know how often people read these blogs, but they are handy for general updates. First off, I'm searching through one of my folders on my computer and finding some commissions that were completed but that I missed posting here in any capacity, so expect to see some of those pop up.

Secondly, I'm starting a new Patreon project that I hope watchers and anyone else who enjoys my stories will be willing to contribute a buck or two into. This will be a monthly project to justify writing the short and sweet things that sometimes pop up here in the last few months and doing them on a regular basis (moving into a short every week if the right money comes in). All the information is here: ...
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A Week Behind, New Challenges Posted 3 years ago
So this week in the real world just witnessed some spectacular kickings of my ass in terms of time being available to write anything, including social obligations for the holiday and extra work at a job that is some kind of penance for something I did wrong or a test run by some entity for how to run an actual hell dimension.

I'm not giving up on the Nomvember Challenge, just going to make it a new challenge to try and get a bunch of flash fiction written by the end of Wednesday with as few "misses" in the themes as possible. I'll be contacting people that had reserved a few themes to work with them. Let's see how this plays out.
Catching Up Posted 3 years ago
Missed posting a couple days on Nomvember due to RL responsibilities getting in my way. So trying to play catch up today and tomorrow, rather than just accept any of standard, unclaimed stories as a miss. Will post things as they are completed and catch up on messages too.
The Show Must Go On Posted 3 years ago
So, I'm honestly a combination of devastated and pissed off today. The election results are beyond politics for me as I'm in one of the many groups that is now in danger of losing vital protections and rights, and the encouragement from our so-called leadership that we're less than human potentially emboldening the various hate groups to step up attacks on us. You'd think that once a person is actually endorsed by Nazis and the KKK, that might give people a fucking clue, but I shouldn't ramble too much or I won't stop.

The point is that because of that and some other things I've had to do today, I'll be a little late in writing today's Nomvember Challenge piece, but I'll be putting something up probably later tonight. The show must go on as they say, and I intend to at least...
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