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Persona 5 Double Story with Noisekeeper! Posted 4 years ago
Noisekeeper and I have written two Persona 5 stories starring the feisty rivalry of part-time models

Check it out here:
M/F Fatal Fury/King of Fighters RP Posted 4 years ago
Natashaheart and I completed a very sexy RP recently starring Mai Shiranui and Andy Bogard from Fatal Fury. She did a wonderful job so if you enjoy it, make sure to give her some praise!

Check it out here:
Madoka Magica Companion Story Finished! Posted 4 years ago
Noisekeeper has completed the story that my commission by nyxon ( was intended to compliment!

Enjoy it here and give him all the praise he deserves:
The King of Eaters '17 Posted 4 years ago
My good friend and ally, Draconatedz, has written a series of King of Fighters shorts due to our mutual, deep infatuation with the series. One of them was written by me, and I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one!

Check it out!:
Touhou Commission (Aya/Hatate) Posted 5 years ago
I commissioned a touhou story (big surprise) from a recently revived writer/friend, nyttyn. Two tengu do the tango and one of them gets fat from it.

Check it out!
Commissions, now with Anal/Breast/Unbirth Posted 5 years ago
Hi, I've changed some of my guidelines for what I'm willing to write. My willingness still depends on the idea itself, but I've come around to trying out a few variations to my normal preferences

Cock vore is still not accepted, however. Sorry :(
Accepting commissions now! Posted 5 years ago
Hi, I'm currently in need of some spare cash, so I'll be accepting commissions with potentially strict guidelines. If you're a fan of mine, I'm sure you're aware of what type of vore scenario I write so chances of me accepting it are based on how comfortable I am to write it. This is pure experimentation on my part, so forgive me for any sloppy communication.

If you're interested, PM me as soon as you can. ... eirdone445
Story Poll #2 Winner! Posted 5 years ago
The Winner of Story Poll #2 is...

House Cleaning Pt. 3 (Remilia Scarlet/Touhou Project)

I feel that bots were most likely involved but due to my reluctance to restart the process and the feedback I've noticed, I'll be keeping this as the winner. I promise to have more secure measures in the next poll after this and my Persona 3 story are complete.

Thanks to everyone who voted! I'll get to work on both as soon as I can!
Capcom vs SNK Finale Poll!!! Posted 5 years ago
UPDATE: Use this strawpoll instead:

I won't count a comment as a vote, please use the link (You can still comment your preference, of course)

I'm going to commission a final picture of these recent commissions by NatsumeMetalSonic:

It's up to YOU to decide who will end up The World's Strongest Woman and subsequently digest the competition.

(Basically, which girl do you want with a...
[ Continued ... ]
Final Fantasy VII Commission Posted 5 years ago
If you haven't seen it already, fellow writer and commissioner Draconatedz and I commissioned a FF7 comic from Avoracomics on deviantart. Yuffie has Aerith, Tifa, and a sack of materia to-go. It's a beautiful work for lovers of chub and ninja girls.

Find it here: