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Created an Vore-Deviantart Account... Posted 4 years ago
Today I've decided to open an 2nd Deviantart-Account, which is for Vore and my Trainig-Stuff...

You can find it here:

There is not much stuff on it, since I train my drawing skills. But may you want to see all the silly old stuff from me? Check it out here: (Including 2 half done Vore-Comics)

Feel free to comment or whatever ^^; But its very basic silly stuff don't expect to much!
Try to get a vore artist - Personal Blog (Week 0) Posted 4 years ago
Note: This is a personal blog, just about my progress. It's mostly just for me. (I don't know why I have some watchers here - I never uploaded anything here xP)
You may encounter some serious grammar issues but please remember the blog is mostly for me, so please don't be angry (if you ever read it xP)

I want a long time to become a Vore-Artist. Thats why I started drawing 2013 - In my opinion there is to less Angel-Vore out there I want mainly draw such stuff (Only Macro/Micro or GTS-Vore) - But I was much involved with learning etc so that i cant did any Vore art until now. After a short time I find a new job where I dropped drawing since now... There was to much stress so that I can't find much time for anything... Just code code code... Now I found a...
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