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The beginning of a new story series, Ravenous Retail, and trying to set a pace Posted 1 year ago
I'd like to finally reveal the side series I've been working on for a while
Blue Moon, Ravenous Retail.
Which will run concurrently with the Main Blue Moon Series, alongside the "Interludes"
Interludes = important overall story that doesn't feature vore, but impacts all the other Blue Moon Series.
Blue Moon = vore stories focusing on inhabitants of the Blue Moon
Ravenous Retail = focusing on the employees of an N Goods Retail store, and their new manager Reese having to learn the ropes and learn about his fellow employees.

Also, this means that while each series might slow down due to the amount of different stories between them, I will be trying to keep a "regular" pace of stories coming out.
I, also still have...
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New year’s start and reopening requests/commissions Posted 1 year ago
Last year I, didn’t have much time for my writing as I’d have liked
So, this year I’m going to be putting more time aside for writing, so expect more stories to be posted this year then last
I’m planning to start a smallish side set of stories to my current Blue Moon series, as for what that is, I’ll be posting it’s start sometime next week.

I’ve also decided to reopen requests and commissions, as I want to write more, pm me if you are interested in getting your ideas turned into stories.

As for upcoming stuff
Expect another Blue Moon Interlude next week, and a small Blue Moon related story featuring a certain Cinderace of mine.
General update/announcement Posted 2 years ago
Haven't been able to get as much writing done as I had planned
real life stuff really got hectic and crazy.
But I do have something I would like to, sort of announce, but first, the link to my discord server which I keep forgetting to post every week(lasts for 24 hours, don't want any permanent links just yet for, reasons):

As for the announcement, while the Blue Moon series is my main focus.
I'm working on, a mini series, that focuses more on life on the Blue Moon by more "regular" people (Regular people there are far, different to regular people in our own world)
I intend to release a sort of, prelude to it soonish (granted things settle down in my life)
Prompt writing and the discord link again Posted 2 years ago
So, I've decided, that I want to take some prompts for writing this week.
As in, I want people to send me prompts, and I'll pick some of the ones I get sent, and write stories from them.
(if you are going to send me a prompt, please contact me on discord, you'll be able to find me in my server below)
Discord server again and upcoming stories Posted 2 years ago
So, I've decided on every Friday (USA Thursday), I will post a link here in a blog to the discord server, which is open for 24 hours. (Feel free to message me for a single use link)
Feel free to join with the ling below, there is some, Blue Moon related things (backstory) that is on the server, but, probably won't end up here.

Also, I am working on a few stories right now, so expect some more stories soonish (within a week of now, at least one story will be posted.)
Uni work has been, taking up a lot of my time, so, sorry for the dip in stories coming out.
My discord server and other things. Posted 2 years ago
Sorry for, not posting any new stories recently, been, going through a lot in real life. Someone I thought was a friend, brought back some, rather traumatic memories in an attempt to manipulate me to, financially assist them, and well, I've had to deal with a flood tide of emotions, tied to something I thought I had finally gotten over.

I've been working on a discord server recently and it is now ready for 'public' access. You will find the link below, please remember to read the rules of the server. (the link is set to stop working 24 hours from the time this is posted)

I am working on a few stories right now, a few for the Blue Moon series, and few outside of it, but, well, the emotional tide caused, a big writers block for a...
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"Interludes", and their purpose, along with requests and suggestions Posted 2 years ago
So, recently, I released the first, interlude, for the Blue Moon series, and, well, I thought I should go into detail about what they are.
They are "chapters" that focus more on the overarching story of the series, and, mostly, won't have any vore in them, mainly because, I can't stick vore into every part of the overarching story. You'll, learn more about characters in them, backstory, events that took place before the series "began". If you care about the overarching plot that is going on, I would advise you read them, if you aren't, well, you can ignore them, but well, you might get confused as things happen in them.

Also, a shout out to all 25 of my watchers, seriously, means a lot to me.

Now, that that part is done, I guess I should...
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Unexpected reception Posted 2 years ago
So, I didn't actually expect my stories to get so many views so quickly.
I really didn't expect to get any kind of traction or motion here, just to get a few views and, then die out pretty quickly.
But, well, one of my stories is close to 450 views, I've got two watchers in the first week, got quite a lot of faves, one from someone who I consider to be a big member here, which I mentioned in my kindred story's description, been helped by people on one of the discord servers for this place.
So, I didn't really think about becoming, permanent and active here, but what the heck, I've got two watchers, over a hundred view on each story.
I'm gonna set myself up, for the long haul.
So, thanks everyone who viewed my stuff, all the faves, and you two watchers, and to...
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