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Half-off Commissions! Posted 3 weeks ago
I'm accepting commissions still and until further notice are half off! (for example, a sketch is $6.50!)
Whoohoo! Posted 4 months ago
regular priced commissions are open! :)
new pen! Posted 5 months ago
ive officially replaced my tablet pen! ^^ and 5$ commissions are until september 1st!
wooo no more traditional drawings! Posted 6 months ago
howdy! i havent found my tablet pen, but ive found a stylus so i can use the drawing app on my phone. and commissions are still open!
cheap commissions? Posted 6 months ago
howdy yall! im in a money-trouble rn so im considering doing 5$ full body commissions! id include a lot more fetishes than id usually do and theyll all be traditional since my tablet pen has dissapeared :\ but yeah, id love any imput or advice about this! thanks yall! :o