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Thank You! Posted 1 month ago
Thanks you all for being so nice! I am now moved into my new place! Thank you to everyone who helped me when I needed it! :3
Need a little help.... Posted 1 month ago
hi guys. my dad is kicking me out bc i quit and dont have a job anymore. id appreciate any commissions until i know where im going so im not homeless. and anyone who has a past commission from me, please be patient with me. please and thank you.
Streaming now! Posted 2 months ago
stream will begin soon! feel free to tune in!
New Discord Server!! Posted 2 months ago

feel free to join for art updates!! :9
A 'my friend needs help' sale! 50% off! Posted 3 months ago
Hello everyone! A very dear friend of mine needs help. Unfortunately, i cannot disclose why they need help, as its not my business to tell. so from now until the 23rd (which is actually my birthday) anything and everything is a whopping half off! please consider buying so i can help my friend!
Summer sale!!! :3 Posted 3 months ago
prices on commissions are 25% off right now and anyone who buys a commission gets a free picture! this sale will end on the 12th!
Wanna check out my Etsy? Posted 3 months ago
Hay guys! Sorry I havent been drawing and uploading much, ive been working on my etsy! if yall like phone charms, ill be making more! :D fell free to check it out! --->
Seriously, Thank you all! Posted 5 months ago
Per my last post, my mother needs to go to the doctor. Thanks to you guys, ive officially met my goal!! I can even afford her medicine! I seriously cant thank yall enough for your help! Bless you all! :)

EDIT: Ill be streaming as a thank you gift to you all! Ill be online as soon as i can!
Hello everyone, I need a bit of help!! I have a very sick and disabled mother who needs to go to the doctor in two days and we have very little money. So for the next two days, EVERYTHING is $10! and no additional fees for additional characters! and everyone who has previously purchased a commission or character gets a second picture free! Please spread the word so I can help my mom!
Stream at Midnight EST! Posted 5 months ago
Streaming tonight!
Feel free to make an account on picarto to make comments on the stream! ;)