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New Tumblr yall!! Posted 3 months ago
So. ive decided to return to tumblr! im only gonna post the vauge-ish horny stuff there so i dont get blocked lmfao... but hopefully ill find some peeps who liked my stuff before i disappeared! :Y

if youre interested, the url is tummytrouble! same as here :3
Thank yall!! :D Posted 3 months ago
I cant even begin to tell you guys how much i appreciate you all! because of an incident that happened abt 2 weeks before, i had to pay to replace my screen door, and therefore wasnt able to reach my goal for a new computer ^^; but i am not discouraged! and fyi, if you ordered a commission but i havent gotten to it, you still get the discount! :3 any questions? if u do, please let me know!! ^^
Welcome back/Need a new PC/Summer sale!! Posted 4 months ago
Howdy all! I'm back for a hot minute!! And to start it off, I'll be having a huge sale for the WHOLE month of June!
Because, well, My PC was stolen (id love to see their face when they see the porn lmao) and I need to replace it!
So! Whithout further ado, my new prices for the month of June!


Icons- $2.50

Char. Refs- $5

Sketch- $6.50 +2 per char

Lineart- $7.50 +3 per char

Full color $10 +5 per char

Painting $15 + 5 per char

Comics $20
streaming very soon!! Posted 9 months ago

the stream will be sfw this time and shall start in about ten minutes! :3
made a twitter! :D Posted 9 months ago
if youd like to see exclusive twitter content, follow me! @tummytroubleeka
Streaming! Posted 9 months ago
im about to stream yall! im actually gonna talk a lot abt my process in this one, so sign up for picarto so you can chat with me! ^u^
stream at 1 am tonight! Posted 9 months ago
join me tonight for a lil stream! starting at 1am est!
Thank You! Posted 1 year ago
Thanks you all for being so nice! I am now moved into my new place! Thank you to everyone who helped me when I needed it! :3
Need a little help.... Posted 1 year ago
hi guys. my dad is kicking me out bc i quit and dont have a job anymore. id appreciate any commissions until i know where im going so im not homeless. and anyone who has a past commission from me, please be patient with me. please and thank you.
Streaming now! Posted 1 year ago
stream will begin soon! feel free to tune in!