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Thank you guys for the Feedback + Soon-to-come Hiatus (with a tl:dr) Posted 3 months ago
tl:dr i have addressed a few criticisms (thank you guys) and i will be taking an indefinite break after i do some personal pics. thank you guys so much :3
(sorry about the wall of text, but i appreciate everyone who reads it ^^)

Hello all! thank you for everyone who filled out the questionnaire! according to the doc is was 12 responses which is not a huge amount, but its better than nothing lol

so i will be addressing some criticisms

1) some people said they were too shy to buy a commission! i appreciate the honesty haha ^^ im not sure how to quell your fears besides telling yall i am a huge dork who likes to talk! i am adaptive to those who are shy, and if it helps at all, 100% of my customers (who used the survey) were happy with my...
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Hey guys, I made a feeback questionare! Posted 4 months ago
Hey yall! i made a questionare for you guys! Id appreciate it if everyone took it, even if youve never gotten a commission from me! I tried to make as many options that i could think of, but just in case i made lots of write in options!

you dont need to be logged into google, and its completley anonymous so be honest! this is not for me to get mad or judge, its to see what i could do better!

I will update if I close the ability to respond, so if this post is still on m front page you can still submit a response and I would be very appreciative if you did ^^ I promise its very straightforward and it doesnt take long at all! :)

let me know if you think this questionare can be improved on!
Back on discord! *guitar riff* Posted 5 months ago
My account has FINALLY been given back to me!! feel free to message me now, and i SINCERELY apologize to anyone who was messaged and/or hacked because of me :,(
Discord got hacked!! Posted 5 months ago
hello everyone, just letting you know my discord got hacked into, and until i get it back, i cannot be contacted there, and do NOT open any messages from me until i update here!! i dont want yalls accounts to be hacked by proxy! i will update yall as soon as i can! xoxo
Updated pricing, effective imediatley Posted 7 months ago
hey guys! just letting everyone know that i have changed up the additional few dollars for pricing! originally it was additional money for more characters, but 1) i almost never implimented it and 2) it gets tricky anyway with vore haha! so it's now changed to apply for nudity and from this point forward will be implimented! any questions and/or suggestions are appreciated, and if anyone is interested in commissions i have several open slots, just take a look at the commission status tab for further info! ^^
Streaming soon! and Adoptables!! Posted 7 months ago
Hullo all! letting yall know early that i will be streaming about 20 minutes from now! (so 6:00 pm EST)
come watch, but youll need an account on PICARTO to comment! ^^

also, ive made some adoptables for sale over here! feel free to check them out!!

See you guys soon!
What do yall wanna see? Posted 8 months ago
howdy all! ^u^ ive managed to pull myself out of my depression (for the moment lol) and if youve noticed ive been more active! im working on a few commissions, a few redraws, and general nonsense!

so! i would like some feedback from yall! its sorta obvious what i like, so id like to expand! if there is something i rarely draw/ have never drawn, id like to know :3

please be mindful about this lol. if you say something like "more female preds" despite being most of my preds, i will not reply. also, try not to be terribly specific, like "foot fetish but only if the feet are x8 times as small and only wearing 17th century shoes wearing cotten socks that are six inches tall and so on" lmao

please and thank you guys so much! ^u^
Wanna see a REdraw? Posted 8 months ago
howdy guys! sorry ive been so quiet lately, ive been pretty busy! ^^; BUT! i finally have a new computer and would like to make more content! so! im going to be doing about three or so redraws of any older art that isnt, like, a commission/art trades/requests XD so if theyres a picture you wanna see redrawn, comment either the name of the picture or link it here! ^^ i thiiiink i might do the first three commented, but if theres one that lots of people wanna see i might do those instead!

anywho, if i dont make any new blog posts soon, i hope you all have some very lovely holidays and a wonderful new year! ^^
Thank yall!! :D Posted 1 year ago
I cant even begin to tell you guys how much i appreciate you all! because of an incident that happened abt 2 weeks before, i had to pay to replace my screen door, and therefore wasnt able to reach my goal for a new computer ^^; but i am not discouraged! and fyi, if you ordered a commission but i havent gotten to it, you still get the discount! :3 any questions? if u do, please let me know!! ^^
Welcome back/Need a new PC/Summer sale!! Posted 1 year ago
Howdy all! I'm back for a hot minute!! And to start it off, I'll be having a huge sale for the WHOLE month of June!
Because, well, My PC was stolen (id love to see their face when they see the porn lmao) and I need to replace it!
So! Whithout further ado, my new prices for the month of June!


Icons- $2.50

Char. Refs- $5

Sketch- $6.50 +2 per char

Lineart- $7.50 +3 per char

Full color $10 +5 per char

Painting $15 + 5 per char

Comics $20