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New Discord Server!! Posted 1 year ago

feel free to join for art updates!! :9
A 'my friend needs help' sale! 50% off! Posted 1 year ago
Hello everyone! A very dear friend of mine needs help. Unfortunately, i cannot disclose why they need help, as its not my business to tell. so from now until the 23rd (which is actually my birthday) anything and everything is a whopping half off! please consider buying so i can help my friend!
Summer sale!!! :3 Posted 1 year ago
prices on commissions are 25% off right now and anyone who buys a commission gets a free picture! this sale will end on the 12th!
Wanna check out my Etsy? Posted 1 year ago
Hay guys! Sorry I havent been drawing and uploading much, ive been working on my etsy! if yall like phone charms, ill be making more! :D fell free to check it out! --->
Seriously, Thank you all! Posted 1 year ago
Per my last post, my mother needs to go to the doctor. Thanks to you guys, ive officially met my goal!! I can even afford her medicine! I seriously cant thank yall enough for your help! Bless you all! :)

EDIT: Ill be streaming as a thank you gift to you all! Ill be online as soon as i can!
Hello everyone, I need a bit of help!! I have a very sick and disabled mother who needs to go to the doctor in two days and we have very little money. So for the next two days, EVERYTHING is $10! and no additional fees for additional characters! and everyone who has previously purchased a commission or character gets a second picture free! Please spread the word so I can help my mom!
Stream at Midnight EST! Posted 1 year ago
Streaming tonight!
Feel free to make an account on picarto to make comments on the stream! ;)
Streaming at Midnight EST! Posted 1 year ago
Ok everyone, my streaming channel is now open! I'll be streaming tonight at about midnight eastern standard time, and im not sure how long ill be streaming for, but feel free to try and stop by! :)))
Making characters to sell? Posted 1 year ago
hello yall! i was curious if anyone would be interested in buying characters? i would LOVE some suggestions and imput from types of characters to prices! please and thank you!
Half-off Commissions! Posted 1 year ago
I'm accepting commissions still and until further notice are half off! (for example, a sketch is $6.50!)