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Strongly considering Patreon Posted 5 years ago
Hello again everybody!

So, I wanted to say, first off thank you to everyone who has been commissioning me over the past month, and I guess ever really XD it's helped to keep me just above the water, so to speak. But, I know that commission interest comes in surges, and admittedly, sometimes I end up mildly overwhelmed when a ton come in at once! :'D

But, it has made me give some real thought to creating a Patreon, but not just because of the financial side. A number of you all even told me to consider it on your own! So, I am, but I don't really know where to start. So I guess first and foremost, what would people want out of a Patreon? I don't plan to ever make anything I do Patron exclusive, but would an early access situation sound nice? Like getting pages I...
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Financial and comic update Posted 5 years ago
Hi everybody!

So, as of right now, I have finished working on the sketches for the vore comic I plan to sell. So hooray! Progress is being made towards that, and hopefully once it's finished, it might be able to alleviate a little of my financial woes.

However, until then, I would like to advertise that I am open for commissions! I normally don't like to push this very hard, but I still haven't been able to land a solid job since graduating school back in May, and as such, I've been eating into my savings. Any help I can get get would be super loved! As a reminder, my commissions info is available here ... d=willudie ...
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Wow Posted 5 years ago
That was a lot more response than I expected! Thank you all! :D

To answer some of the questions, like page count, I'd have to say at this stage, I don't know. I have a few ideas planned out, but it's difficult to tell how long it might be at this point. I don't plan to make something so short like 2 or 3 pages, but I can't say exactly how long it would be, but I'd state how long it is in previews and what not.

As of right now, it seems like the most interest would be an oral vore comic from me. Between private responses and the comments on the last blog, I would say it looks like a close beat between Patty, and Queen. I will probably get to work on planning this out and...
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A question for those watching me Posted 5 years ago
How many people would be legitimately interested if I were to make a vore comic, and sell it online?

I figure just somewhere in the range of $5 USD or so.

Normally, Id prefer to avoid content people can only see if they pay. I have nothing against artists who do it, and have even supported a few in the past myself. Now though, I'm at a point where I need to find ways to pay my bills a bit more regularly. Im still taking commissions, but I do want to see how a paid vomic might work out for me.

For those interested, what would you like to see? I've got a good number of characters the comic could be about, so why not tell me which ones you'd like to see the most. I feel like it'll give me a better idea of what I should really try to work on when I have...
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Commission Policy Update!! Posted 5 years ago
Hey folks! We're into the new year, and its looking like a solid start :D I wanted to let people know, that from now on, I can be considered "Open" for commissions. However, I will only take on one to two at a time, because i have school starting up. It will be on a sort of first come, first serve basis. If you want to have as best a possible chance to get yourself a slot, please, Follow the instructions on my commission info! -> ... d=willudie

Send all info at once if possible! I know a lot of people are worried "Will...
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Slots full! Posted 5 years ago
Commission slots are full everybody! Thank you very much to the people who messaged me.

For now, I've only taken 3, so we'll just have to see how soon I finish, and maybe I'll open up again during this break.

Thanks everybody :D
Limited Commissions Open Posted 5 years ago
Howdy folks :D

So, i've wrapped up my fall semester, and I've got a bit of time off before the spring semester of classes starts, so I figured I would open up a few commissions to fill the time, and pad my wallet for the holiday season!

I'll only be taking a few over the next few weeks, and its going to be a first come, first serve basis, so if you want to grab something from me, go ahead and send me a message!
You can find my info on pricing here ->
NO comic commissions this time around sadly :C They take a lot of time to do, and in that case I might only barely finish...
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September update Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks :D

Here we are in the lovely, boiling heat month of September, so I figure it's time for a blog update!

Basically, the long and short of it is, I'm back in school. This is mostly why the amount of content I've submitted has dropped off over the past month. I've finally worked my way through most of my commission queue, so I've finally had some time to draw for myself a little more ;D As always, it's awesome to see how much you all enjoy what I do, and I look forward to getting to make even more XD
Is something wrong with the writing uploader? Posted 6 years ago
Hey folks! So, I've noticed for the past day or so, there haven't been any new stories here on Eka's, and I even went to upload one of my own I wrote in a little bit of downtime I had, but it won't let me. I'm wondering, is something foing on with the site that I've missed, or is it just on my side?

As for anyone waiting on hearing back on commissions from me, don't fret! I only just came off my little break yesterday, so I'm currently trying to work through the list of people who expressed interest while I was taking my R&R! I have all your messages saved in my inbox, and I'll be trying to get to everybody as I go.
Streaming is over! Posted 6 years ago

I think I've figured out how it works, so I'm trying it out for a little bit tonight! Feel free to stop by!

Stream's done for tonight. It was a lot of fun, and now that I've got it figured out, I'm definitely gonna try to do it more often in the future