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Delay on final two chapters of A Fox And Her Girl Posted 1 month ago
Sorry about this, all -- but with some help from  thedragonboy I've been revising the last two chapters (the central vore scene and aftermath) of the story to make them sweeter...

And unfortunately, this also means they've about doubled in length. So I might need a few more days to finish them up. Stay tuned, I promise that the final product will be worth the wait!
Small update re: Ch1 & Ch2 of the new story Posted 1 month ago
Hey all! Just a small note -- It turns out I uploaded an older draft of the first two chapters by accident, with less sweetness than the final version. I've fixed that now, but if you read through Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 of the "Fox and Her Girl" story, you might want to give them a re-read to see the newer version. No drastic content changes, Vicky is just much sweeter and more playful now.

Closer to her personality in Graduation proper :)
8/8 Plans Posted 2 months ago
Hey all, quick update -- I've had a bit of free time recently, so I've got several upcoming stories and art pieces to be on the look-out for!

I started with posting one art piece yesterday, and one today. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a fun little one-shot story about a vorish hotel that I wrote with  tarenge.

In the next week or two I've got a six-part commission I bought which should be a lot of fun :)

In the "further" future (next month or so) I expect to have finished a fox OV scene featuring Mira, and two new scenes involving hungry otter-girls (OV and AV).

Stay tuned! And as always, feel free to leave comments on this blog with species/scenarios/characters you'd like to see, and I might write 'em if they inspire me!
Question for Upcoming Story Posted 5 months ago
Hey all -- In my last post, I mentioned that I've been writing a very long commission for someone.

It's nearly done, but it's going to be more than 25,000 words when it's complete. For context, the stories I upload are usually 5-15 thousand words.

I want to get my readers' opinion -- should I post the 25K word commission as a single gigantic document, or break it into "chapters" that I upload on the same day?

This problem is only going to get worse with another upcoming commission (one that I bought, this time) which is likely going to be over 35,000 words.
Graduation Writing Update! (Still alive...) Posted 7 months ago
Hey everyone -- I've been posting art for the last two months, rather than writing, and I've gotten some questions about when I'd be doing more writing.

I felt it was time to give an update on the current *writing* status, in case anyone's been awaiting new stories from this account!

1) I am still writing, don't worry! My PhD has simply gotten very intense over the last month or two, so I've had less time and inspiration.

2) I took on a very long commission recently, and a lot of my (already limited) time has gone into that! It's nearly done, so you'll be seeing that soon~

3) I've been focusing on reworks/expansions of older Graduation scenes recently, rather than writing new ones. I'll be posting a MAJOR rewrite of this scene in the...
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Two Years of Graduation! And poll :) Posted 7 months ago
Would you all believe that it's been nearly two years since I started writing? :D

With that in mind, I've improved a lot as a writer, so I'm going back and revising some old work.

This leads me to an important question -- I need your help! Please take this poll, and let me know which characters are your favorites!

I'll prioritize the most popular characters for stories and art...
Happy Holidays... and Graduation AMA! Posted 9 months ago
Hello my predatory and preyish friends! Happy holidays, I hope your holiday dinners went down nicely with not too much squirming... Or if you WERE a holiday dinner, that you were a pleasant bulge and bowel movement for whoever you chose~

I'll be writing most of today, I've got a little time off... So if anyone's interested, I thought I'd do something unusual -- a Q&A / AMA session about my writing!

The Graduation universe is a collaboration between myself,  markusfreeman320, and  vixingirl, so they might join in and answer a few questions too :)

Feel free to ask anything you'd like and I'll answer it -- any question, no matter how lewd or dirty or silly or detailed, is encouraged! You're welcome to be explicit or NSFW, I'm an open...
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Update on Writing Status (November 2020) Posted 11 months ago
As I approach the end of my PhD semester, I'm slowly getting back into writing! I've got lots of ideas I want to chase, and too little time...

So here's a quick update on the stories that are potentially "cumming soon"...

1) A long-delayed commission I owe to a friend, where you make the transition from a husky's boyfriend to a husky's bowel movement~
2) A one-night stand with a golden retriever you met at a pub, leading to romance, hot doggo-on-human sex, and a pleasant breakfast for both of you~
3) A cock-vore path with the same golden retriever, where you get to help contribute to some abstract art pieces he's been working on :3
4) You contribute to the local fertilizer industry with some help from a friendly cow who just moved to...
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VORE and VOTE are only one letter apart... Posted 11 months ago
Hey everyone who pays attention to my little corner of the internet: if you live in America, remember to vote this upcoming Tuesday!

This election matters for the future of this country, don't let anyone take your voice away -- mail voting is important of course, but if you can safely vote in person, do so! Make sure your vote is counted, because it's likely that a lot of mail ballots are going to be challenged or delivered late.

And since I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about politics in these stressful times... How about a small incentive?

I've been co-writing a new story with  scalebreath, and it's almost done... Definitely going to be one of the best yet, I've already cum ten times reading the first draft ;)

I'll send it...
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What material do you want to see me post? Posted 1 year ago
Hey all! Two quick questions, for everyone following me --

First, what species, predator personalities, and scenarios do you all want to see included in the game? No promises -- especially since MarkusFreeman will have to sign off as well -- but I like to hear what you're into, if it'll be feasible for the game. Always helps to have more inspiration to work from!

Second, I've been writing some furry-but-nonvore erotica works recently, and my wonderful partner made some *very* hawt art to accompany it (again, non-vore). Would people be interested in seeing that posted? Or should I only post vore works here? :)