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Update||The Hourglass Kitty's new name|| Posted 4 months ago
>>I forgot to note this a long while ago.... but i decided to rename the hourglass kitty everyone knows and love. They are now named Sky as the name "Stephano" has left my mind for this character for a while, so for now on, please refer the Hourglass kitty as "Sky"

>>just for context, here's the hourglass kitty in question (planning to slightly remake the ref to have their new name on it soon QwQ):
Random||Silly Question|| Posted 5 months ago
hey, so after a random conversation I had in a discord server with a few friends of mine, I decided to do a silly little question thingie just to see if anyone is interested on seeing this, but, would anyone want to see some vore related stuff on the Werewolf version of Cecil?

Check out the version here if you're curious:

If I get a lot of Yes comments, I will draw it QwQ

Update||Medical update+My Birthday!|| Posted 6 months ago
hey guys, Stormie here!! i'm making 2 announcements!

1- yesterday i got my recheck done, and i DON'T need surgery on my problem and my problem has been improved and i'm ready to try to draw more (though it will be a while!)

2- Today (May 6, at my end it's EST) is my birthday!!! i be turning 19 today!!! happy birthday to the one and only Stormie (me)

that's all I have to say, see ya guys!

Updates||10 days till Birthday|| Posted 7 months ago
hey guys, Stormie here, and i'm just making this post to say that in 10 days..... it will be my 19th birthday (May 6 is my birthday if you're curious) soo yeah... that's all I want to say, I hope you guys have a pleasant day/night QwQ

Update||Apologies|| Posted 7 months ago
hey guys, It's me Storm here! (yes I go by Storm now-) and I want to apologize for my lack of art, especially the vore stuff, I was handling some stuff out of the internet and all that, but don't worry yall, I will be posting some more vore related stuff soon! it will be a while till i get ideas but yeah, That's all I wanted to say, I will cya guys in my next post.

Update|| Medical issue+smol lack of art|| Posted 9 months ago
heya, Stephano here, here to say and explain myself on why i haven't upload some parts of 2 sequences, those sequences being "A misCAKE" and the "pepsi obsession" ones respectively...

To Explain, i have to deal with some medical issue in my appendix area, which i have to check back on May 5th (the day before my birthday, aka May 6) to see if i need surgery on it or not, and if i work on any big projects like comics n stuff, it will stress me out even more than the medical issue gave me.. so until then, i won't be working on the sequences that has been on hold for a while now until i get the medical issue done and over with. thank you for reading and I hope you guys understand

expect a short series thing coming up Posted 11 months ago
sooo i decided to do a short series of information regarding the kitty boy (Stephano)'s species, Hourglass cats where i will take a part of him and make info about that part to explain his species a bit more, the first one will be about the eyes of the hourglass cats, stay tuned for that
Reminders|| I have discord!+art block stuff|| Posted 11 months ago
for those who may not have known, yes i do have a discord, sad thing is, my discord tag has emojis in the name, but you can still ask me to add you if you wish haha.

Also i still need ideas for more vore related content for the cute kitty boy, feel free to help if you want to QwQ:

i hope you guys have a good day/night haha

random||Art block suuucckkkss(art ideas??)|| Posted 11 months ago
so uhh i just woke up, wanting to do more vore related content of the cute kitty boy for you guys but my ideas for them is lacking so uhh send me your vore ideas here because i would love to see everyone's creativity flow here

only rule i can apply here is please feel free to look through my baby's bio in this ref image's desc before giving ideas QwQ:
Updates||Hourglass kitty bio in ref post)|| Posted 11 months ago
h-hey guys... it's me, your favorite cute kitty boy.... first thing is i forgot to put the biography-ish stuff in his ref post...

soo yeah i recently added it here:

another update i have is regarding my art status...i'm still on the process of not doing anymore art trade/ collab stuff for the time being as i'm a poor sick and sad/depressed boy... so please be patient before asking for an art trade/ collab with me... QwQ