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KittensMittens67 - 2 months ago

I’m loving the game, very fun idea! Just finished playing through it. I love the concept of time and events happening/changing, those were cool to discover, though it was hard to recreate, especially when I wanted to get back to the prince/elf discussion since it’s hard to find and I’m not sure what triggers it and it felt like you only can get a choice or two in before they’re done

. Also there were a couple issues I ran into, some sort of menu error after climbing the dining room table and a couple times if I entered the fiancé’s room I got a breaking the game bug message I can send you a screenshot of later if you like.

Also for the fatal scenarios of the future, are they going to all be crushing/mainly foot based or are you planning on incorporating other vore themes as well?

Glowing coral part 20.5

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Hungryflesh

KittensMittens67 - 3 months ago

Thank goodness!!