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PedroBelo - 5 months ago

Sure then when you're done you can let me know.

PedroBelo - 5 months ago

I would like to know where I can see the 2 part of this Sonic comic?

Honoka's Odd Lunch

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PedroBelo - 5 months ago

Very good story you hope you make more fanfiction stories

Every summer there is a big fair sponsored by leading loli food manufacturers. The fair should attract new customers, as well as new products. young girls may participate in various games and earn free meal vouchers for the small risk of becoming meals themselves.

Cute snacks so far:

Ika Musume = banana juice.

Ram = Sandwich

Chibiusa + Doremi Harukaze

PedroBelo - 6 months ago

I just wanted to know if you are going to continue the stories, if that does not bother you, I just want to know if you stopped or are doing several stories and will post everything at once sorry if I bother you asking that question.