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Masamune stared at his sister with frightened eyes. When did she get so big? Or, rather, how? Her size wasn't a matter of a few years growth. Growth couldn't explain it at all. She towered over him like a sky scraper! It wasn't just Sagiri, either. It was her entire room: the lowly seating pillow was twice as tall as him, the bed was a good six stories high, everything was absolutely huge.
 Sagiri looked down at him with a firm gaze. A slight red blush embraced her cheeks. Her hand decended

A Peculiar Dream

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Yes, my source file is plaintext and has spaces between paragraphs. This website removed them. Is there some way to fix that? It will only let me reupload files in a similar manner.

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I must ask, what do you mean proper paragraphs? Do you mean left aligned and proper spacing? If so, I'm not sure how to do that. The source file appears correctly. Or is it a grammar problem?